Atlantic City Legalizes Internet Gambling

Operators and sports betting won’t help much to alleviate Atlantic City’s dwindling casino metropolis. In all probability it might even damage current gaming halls if drastic measures aren’t taken.

Moody’s Investors Service came to the conclusion that current initiatives won’t alleviate Atlantic City’s economical recession, since gambling profits would just line some executive’s pockets.”  The implementation of new legislation in New Jersey aims to revive the four year economic slump in this state by means of permitting internet casino gambling to be regulated.  In answer to Moody’s findings there are some experts that reckon Atlantic City must establish new reforms that will attract more tourists to its ailing casino industry again.

“There are always avenues for additional improvement,” said state Sen. Jim Whelan, D-Atlantic. “A new product is needed to boost Atlantic City’s entertainment and casino commerce immediately and we must start thinking out the box for once. It’s imperative one provides the public with new modes of entertainment, if you fail to do so your business will stagnate.”

Gov. Chris Christie’s office or Senate President Stephen Sweeney weren’t available to provide feedback on Moody’s report. Both Christie and Sweeney are prominent players in the quest to revamp Atlantic City’s casino set of laws and tourism business.

New legislation would permit less significant boutique-style casinos having only 200 rooms to promote new construction growth in Atlantic City.  The powers that be are presently contemplating whether or not sports betting and Internet casinos should be permitted at New Jersey’s casinos and horse-racing tracks.

Moody’s voiced its concerns that minor casinos could have a dire impact on current land-based casinos like the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc. as well as Caesars Entertainment Corp.  He even stated that internet casino wagering and sports betting in New Jersey could lead to “a casino arms race” with competitors in adjacent states.  In essence Moody is of the opinion that the current ban on internet casino wagering and sports betting in New Jersey is far reached and a pipe line dream.

“In all probability assuming internet gambling is legalised in New Jersey adjacent states won’t be idle,” the report mentioned. “New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland would race to legalize internet gambling and sports betting.”

Legislature and voters must give the go-ahead for the approval of internet gambling in New Jersey.  The U.S Federal Government presently outlaws Internet wagering and sports’ betting is permitted in four states only: Nevada, Delaware, Oregon and Montana.  These four states have some mode of sports wagering prior to the federal government outlawing it in the U.S in 1992.

A lawsuit has been put forward by the state of New Jersey, hoping that the courts would annul the federal ban.  As it stands legislature has asked for the legalization of an intrastate system of internet gambling which would be run by local casinos and racetracks.  Should the bill receive the necessary thumbs up sign internet casino gambling would be limited to New Jersey inhabitants and overseas countries allowing Internet wagering.  Moody’s stated even if internet gambling is permitted in New Jersey financial revenues would not be as high as predicted; since the recession compels your average player to gamble less.

“Online casinos and sport betting vendors must realise that your average player is still affected by the economic recession and competition between  various operators would be fierce since everybody would be competing for the same player base.”



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