Avoid Fraud With PlayerVerify

Personal identity safekeeping at player verify.
Keep your Personal Information Safe with Player Verify

When a new player applies for membership at an egaming site a verification process is required. The reason for this is to ascertain whether the player says who he/she is and where he/she lives.

The verification process is not only in the best interest of the player but also in the best interest of the operator. It’s a mandatory process that needs to be followed by the regulatory authority that issues the license. When player identity is verified it ensures that the player does not apply for a second account at the casino. In some cases it even weeds-out players who try and use stolen credit cards.

PlayerVerify.com employs the latest iron clad security measures that facilitates the interaction between player and internet casino electronically. Mark Dalton a representative of PlayerVerify.com briefly explains how the process works. The verification process entails the following. A player’s credentials such as a driver’s license, passport or any other mode of identification that needs to match. PlayerVerify.com enables players to log in and upload their documents via a very secure and encrypted system. Players are then provided with an access code.

The moment a player applies for registration at an internet casino they must forward the access code; in turn this enables the internet casino to validate their documents. Dalton continues, “With PlayerVerify.com, players and gaming sites can rest assured that sensitive personal information stays private avoiding unsecured email and facsimile that’s currently required within the industry.” Another advantage of using PlayerVerify.com is that players can upload all of their document verification details to one portal avoiding the scattering of information on numerous gaming servers and computers.

At PlayerVerify.com a player’s security is of the utmost importance. Players who upload their credentials at this website enable internet casinos to access their information on condition they provide the proper access code. PlayerVerify.com provides players with an array of features. In real time players can see which operator is perusing their personal documents and have real time accessibility to see whether those documents are approved or denied. A list is also provided which operator viewed their uploaded documents and the exact time when it was done. There’s also an additional security measure in place, this enables players to lock their documents once they’ve received the approval from the internet casino denying them further access.

It benefits online casinos to use PlayerVerify.com. Why? They don’t need to sift through loads of faxes or e-mails containing personal particulars of their players. In addition, they do not need to concern themselves with secure storage of this vital information. Using PlayerVerify.com’s internet authorization services, it enables internet casinos to send players more requests should they need additional information.



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