Female Gamblers Increasing

With age comes stability and trust, The Belle Rock group of casinos lives up to this expectation. It’s hailed by many as one of the most successful casinos in operation today. In its latest press release it says that the amount of female players in the United Kingdom has increased significantly the last few years.

The survey was conducted by Hitwise across all UK internet casinos and not just the Belle Rock group. Hitwise is the globe’s premier online consumer search and behavior intelligence.

Study Indicates Women Gamble More

From 2007 to 2010 the results indicate that the amount of women wagering at online casinos in the UK increased four times, and it’s nearly as high as men. The Belle Rock Entertainment press release said that 48.38% of players in 2011 were female and 51.62% were male. The reason for this dramatic increase is mentioned by the report. Internet casinos provide an environment where women feel safe since they’re normally harassed by males at land-based settings. As a result more internet gambling sites are focusing more on female punters.

Belle Rock said that males and females wager at different types of internet gambling sites. It uses the latest British Gambling Preference Survey figures as reference. The Belle Rock press release mentions that men varied their gambling activities more than women. Males prefer to play internet poker, roulette and sports betting. While females prefer to play internet slots and bingo. As it is internet bingo is fast becoming the domain of women that’s why most bingo sites are pink.

NBCU also reported that women are becoming more tech savvy than men. Their survey indicates that 54% of women in the United States own a smart phone, while 46% of men own one. According to the survey women are more likely to own a smart phone app and Nintendo Wii.

NBCU spokesperson Melissa Lavigne-Delville said that 75% of the women are online and have a severe impact on how the digital space is evolving. Belle Rock Entertainment says that internet casinos which exclusively target male customers will miss out on 50% of the internet gambling market since it’s more female orientated now.

The Belle Rock Entertainment group has a couple of top-notch internet casinos in its stable. Cassaon-casino highly recommends Jackpot City, River Belle, and Lucky Nugget. Microgaming is the software provider for all of them and they are licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta.



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