Progressive Jackpot Hits at Playtech

This week so far has seen many progressive jackpot payouts at various Playtech internet casinos. We’re not surprised at all since this internet gambling software provider offers loads of high paying progressive jackpots. The good news is that payouts were as high as six-digit figures.

Gold Rally video slots paid out a whopping $340,920. In a three by three matrix it has 9 independently spinning reels. Each payline has three symbols which runs horizontally, vertically and diagonally. When all 9 symbols that can be seen are the scatter symbols the progressive jackpot is won. Fourteen months ago one lucky player won $1.6 million on Gold Rally.

The second progressive jackpot of $121,600 was won on Megaball. Based on lotto it is a Playtech arcade game. The reason why this casino game is so popular it has eight different games that can be played with the same draw. Every draw comprises of 6 numbered balls each with its own colour, players must bet on different combinations and outcomes in each game. To win the progressive jackpot, players must choose the jackpot game and pick 5 balls. The progressive jackpot is hit when 6 balls appear. Two years ago Megaball paid out an impressive $0.5 million.

The third progressive jackpot hit was $107,320 on Magic Slots $5. With a fixed coin size of $5 it is a classic three-reel single payline slot game. With the amount of coins wagered if the magicians hat and gloves appear on each reel the progressive jackpot is won. The bonus game is played when players collect three magic wands. They must pick one of four magicians, in turn based on their choice they will receive bonus credits. For an average payout of $131,400 this internet slot game is hit every 11 days.

One player just missed the six-digit mark by winning $97,600 playing Progressive Blackjack. The player wins the progressive jackpot when he/she is dealt four aces of the same suit. One progressive jackpot that eluded players so far is Beach Life, it offers a current jackpot payout of $716,450. That said it paid out an incredible $8.2 million just over two months ago. To play these progressive jackpot games Cassaon-casino recommends these internet casinos: Omni Casino and Windows Casino.



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