French Roulette Added To Realtime Gaming

Realtime Gaming (RTG) software provider to online casinos focuses mainly on adding slots machines to its portfolio and places little emphasis on other game releases. This is why we are surprised to learn that its latest game release is French Roulette which has been added to the Specialty Games Category. Unlike other software providers RTG lists online roulette variants under Specialty Games and not under Table Games. We were particularly impressed by the visuals and sophistication of French Roulette if compared to other online roulette variants.

French Roulette Features

This format of roulette is played in land-based casinos across France. It is quite similar to European Roulette, the only difference is the single zero on the wheel plus every single number has a uniform red background and depending on the wheel’s color not the red or black background. If you decide to try out French Roulette you must get used to the fact that the bets are in French. In other words red and black become rouge and noir and even become pair and impair. The six number bets are soixante and the three number street bets are transversale.

One of the features that distinguishes French Roulette from other online roulette variants is its Neighbor and Call bets. A button indicates the wheel layout and a detailed betting list. Players can select the bets from the list and on the layout the chips are placed. Voisins, Orphelins, Tiers, Red Splits and Black Splits constitute the main bets.

Roulette players like to place unusual and unique patterns based on their lucky numbers. RTG French Roulette makes provision for eight such patterns that could be saved with a single collection enabling players to create their own pattern on the layout. Once the layout is created a player must then click the Favorites button. The pattern could be named, once named it must be saved. Before any bets could be placed a player must open Favorites and click on the desired pattern. An Auto Play feature is available as well which is reminiscent of the slot games.

The feature that makes French Roulette a hit with players is its La Partage benefit. Under the La Partage rule in the event a zero is called half the amount on even money bets will be returned to the player.



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