Significant Changes Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Significant changes have been announced by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission that will aid players when they wager at Kahnawake based operators. A self-exclusion option is the first change and a dispute resolution the second.

Up and till now problem gamblers had the benefit of deposit limits and a self-exclusion option. Players can now go one step further by notifying the Kahnawake Gaming Commission of their intent. In return it ensures that the self-exclusion option will be followed to the letter at all its licensed operators. A self-exclusion page on its website has been added, e-mail address and a form that must be filled in when they register.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission Plays Hard Ball

The player will be contacted by a compliance Officer to verify his/her credentials in order to proceed with the request. Should the request concern a particular internet casino, it will be notified. The request will then have to be implemented by the internet casino which will then notify the player and the Commission.

If the self-exclusion request pertains to all internet casinos licensed by the Commission where the player is a member, a detailed Self Exclusion Directive signed by the Commission chairman will be e-mailed to all current licensees with a specific date and time requesting all licensees to exclude this member for life from wagering. The players must inform the Commission immediately the moment any internet casino fails to comply with the terms of the Comprehensive Self Exclusion Directive.

Players who wager at internet casinos licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission should know that it’s committed to improve its dispute resolution process. A Dispute Resolution Officer has been appointed by the Commission. The officer can be contacted by e-mail on the feedback section of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission’s website. All complaints must contain the necessary details about the complainant’s identity as well as the details pertaining to the complaint and procedures before approaching the Commission.

Within 24 hours the it will reply to all complaints lodged. The allegations will be investigated by the Commission to establish its validity, and if it has merit would be initiated. Within 7 days the internet casino must respond to the Commission. Once the investigation is on track the investigator may ask for further information from the complainant, the operator or any third person that has the necessary evidence. Once the investigation is finished, only then will the Commission announce its decision.

Just after the Kahnawake Gaming Commission announced it new changes, Casinomeister awarded it the Phoenix award. This award is awarded to organizations who acknowledged that decisive action must be taken to correct something that is wrong.



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