Tragic Win at Jackpot Capital

If asked what big winners will do with the cash they have won at an online casino, their reply is normally always the same. Most say they will purchase a new house, use it to pay for a child’s college fund, a holiday to some exotic destination or they will renovate their house. A player who recently won a substantial amount of cash said that she will use some of it to pay for her nephews funeral. Here is her story…

Tragic Story of Big Winner

Lucille C. is a regular player at the RTG powered Jackpot Capital and knows the staff well, as she puts it they are her “second family”. She is retired and lives with her sister and family in a peaceful neighborhood. Last week Lucille had a fantastic run of luck. When Oliver Smith of Jackpot Capital online casino congratulated her on her superb win, she notified him that her nephew passed away two days before her jackpot win.

Smith said, “We hope she’ll be able to enjoy her win eventually but it’s hard for her to really celebrate right now, I’m sure.” Lucille believes that her nephew was her good luck charm and “had a hand in bringing all this good luck”. Therefore she will be using her winnings to make sure he has a nice funeral. Lucille added, “And I’m going to treat the family to a lovely meal to pay our last respects to my wonderful nephew who we miss already.”

Irrespective of Lucille’s exiting win at Jackpot Capital she has little reason to celebrate. She deposited $60 at Jackpot Capital online casino and used the same bankroll over a two day period. In total she won $107,000. Lucille won $50,000 on the online slots Achilles and won an additional $22,000 on Builder Beaver. She also likes to wager on slot games with medieval and ancient themes. She won $3,000 on Caesar’s Empire and $7,000 on Coat of Arms. Lady luck smiled on her yet again and she pocketed $29,000 on the Prince of Sherwood and won a smaller cash amount of $1,700 on Count Spectacular.

Lucille’s story is bitter sweet and reminds us that life is short and that one should not take it for granted. Jackpot Capital also has a Facebook page. On it many players have congratulated her on the cash amount she has won and offered their condolences as well.



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