UK’s Probability Eyes U.S Gambling Market

Probability seeking internet gambling partners.
UK’s Probability seeking partners in the US

The United States’ Department of Justice’s (DoJ) stance relating to the Wire Act prompted the UK’s Probability plc to venture into the U.S internet gambling market.

Currently it’s seeking U.S partners to forge a close knit relationship with in the event online gambling is legalized in the country again.

Probability Says Go Big Or Go Home

In a recent press release the CEO of Probability PLC Charles Cohen said: “We are very excited by the prospect of individual states opening their local markets and already it seems that several are making plans to do just that.

“This is a perfect scenario for mobile gambling since mobile is the only platform where the location of the user can be assured with any degree of certainty at the time they place their bets. More than 109,000,000 Americans are already using apps on smartphones which are capable of running our games.”

“We intend to actively pursue this opportunity and are already engaged in early stage discussions with several parties in the US to explore our options” he concluded.

We certainly hope that the “rush” to seek trans-Atlantic partners from gambling companies based in the United Kingdom and Europe is not premature. The way we see things it might still be a while before the U.S government rids itself of all the red tape. Once all the formalities are sorted and certain politicians’ pockets have been lined only then will internet gambling be legalized in the U.S.

In all honesty this might take another year or two. Forget about all the hype that the U.S is in dire need of additional cash; online gambling won’t be able to steady the U.S economy. The crux of the matter is many U.S players and politicians are concerned that foreign based internet casinos are reaping the benefits, since billions of dollars are leaving the shores of  “the land of the free”.

So, until Mr. Obama’s administration has found a solution to curb problem and under-age gambling it might still take a while before Americans can indulge themselves in their favorite pastime again.



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