Breaking News:NJ Votes Legalize Internet Gambling

Pertaining to internet casino gambling in the U.S there is finally some good news. Last night the New Jersey legislature voted in favour of Senator Raymond Lesniak’s bill to permit internet casinos to operate within this US state.

The assembly voted at 6:44PM Eastern Time, Senator Lesniak’s S490 bill to permit Atlantic City casinos to offer internet versions of its casino games to state citizens received 63 votes in favour, 11 were not in favour and three did not vote, all it needed was 41 votes to legalize the bill, it then passed in the Senate by a margin of 34-2.

Having just passed the New Jersey Senate and the Assembly, New Jersey is inches away from becoming the first US state where internet casino gambling is not only legalized but controlled as well, it will then be placed on the statute books.

It is up to Governor Chris Christie now to decide whether or not the internet gambling bill becomes legal in the state of New Jersey. However, it remains to be seen if Christie comes out in support of Lesniak’s bill.

Joe Brennan Jr who is the chairman of iMEGA lobby group assisted in drafting the bill, said: “This is good news indeed and I’d like to congratulate New Jersey’s legislators for coming out in strong support of the intrastate internet gambling bill. There’s no doubt that New Jersey’s legislative body wants their state to lead from the front, both in the US and on a global scale.”

“With combined efforts in gaming; state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, a professional workforce, backed by the leadership of the Atlantic City casino industry, New Jersey will set the standard for the growth of internet gambling in the US, it will also create sufficient employment for those individuals who are skilled in the technology sector and last but not least it would generate much needed revenue for the state.”

Anthony Singer, president and CEO of New jersey-based games supplier High Five Games said: “This day should be celebrated in New Jersey. Lawmakers have finally seen the light with their pronouncement to legalise internet gaming within the state. New Jersey as of yesterday has become the leader in the US’ iGaming industry.

“There’s is no doubt in our minds that Governor Chris Christie will sign this vital piece of legislation into law to give the state’s dwindling gaming industry a significant boost. This piece of legislation will ensure that our state’s gaming industry will flourish, creating employment and much needed tax revenue for New Jersey.”



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