Breaking News:Beach Life $8 Million Hit!

Beach Life a progressive internet slot game by Playtech has been a lot in the news of late since its progressive jackpot breached the $8 million mark recently. It made headline news on Sunday 12 February yet again because one lucky player landed five sun symbols in the 20th payline and won the jackpot for an incredible $8,211,488. The jackpot ticker dropped immediately to 50,000 credits. This came as a disappointment to thousands of players just two days before Valentine’s Day.

This massive hit on the Beach Life changed the average figures for the progressive jackpot since its average payout over the last five hits increased to just over 2.6 million credits. The jackpot was hit after 281 days, whilst the average jackpot hits has increased to 163 days. However we don’t think statistics matter much any way, reason being Beach Life is one of the most volatile progressive jackpots. The last four years its progressive jackpot paid out $200,000 then $4,200,000 and now $8,200,000.

BetFred is delighted to announce that one lucky player is now the biggest internet progressive jackpot winner in UK history after scooping a whopping £5.1 million jackpot on the Beach Life slot game. Believe it or not this player won the life-changing jackpot from an original stake of £1! Having won £250 from £1 spins on Betfred Casino’s King Kong slot game, the player turned his/her attention to Beach Life and its huge progressive jackpot… a couple of spins later the player was celebrating an incredible windfall of winning the progressive jackpot.

This player is now the biggest online UK progressive jackpot winner and the third biggest-ever worldwide! Just after winning the progressive jackpot at BetFred internet casino the player was flown out on a private jet to meet the big man himself Fred Done founder of Mr. Done congratulated the winner by handing over the cheque, saying: “As a bookmaker I get a real thrill out of turning somebody into a multi-millionaire at the click of a mouse. The jackpot has been growing for a while now and we were all hoping that it would be one of our customers that won this life-changing jackpot. It just goes to show that it’s always worth trying your luck!” The player’s name has not been disclosed yet, we’ll notify you once we know who the lucky player is.

Thanks to BetFred internet casino our new multi-millionaire player can look forward to the option of relaxing on the beach from now on and whilst it’s not every day someone wins an incredible £5.1 million, there are plenty of other chances to hit the big time.”

Currently there are progressive jackpots totalling £2 million up for grabs and an incredible £838k waiting to be triggered in the lucrative Gold Rally jackpot slot.



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