Can Players Trust Online Casinos?

Can one really trust online casinos today, are they saying who they really are and can you trust them with your money?  This has been a sticky question with me for a long time now.   Especially now with the United States out the loop where online gambling is still largely prohibited due to Gambling Legislation.  Most players and affiliates alike will jump for joy once online gambling is legalised in the US again.

 As an active casino affiliate who’s been marketing online casinos for a couple of years now, many players have asked me the same old question over and over again, what are the criteria that really determines a reputable online casino?  Will I get my money in the event of hitting the progressive jackpot? To be honest I don’t know and there are no guarantees.

Most affiliates will tell their players to see if the following criteria are posted on an online casino website’s before they open a real player account.  Here are just some of the criteria to be on the lookout for:

eCogra (e-Commerce and Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance): The main function of this organization is to ensure player protection and fairness.  In short, should there be any dispute between an online casino and a player with regard to the refusal of the casino to refund/pay the player, eCogra steps in on behalf of the player and tries and resolves/mitigate the issue/s.  In my opinion most reputable online casinos that bear the eCogra affiliate seal is still not a guarantee that players won’t get duped-it happens all the time! 


Why software? The most popular software program most top online casinos are using today is labelled Microgaming.  What does it really mean and how can this benefit a player?

In truth, apart from the usual jargon most affiliates and online casinos use nowadays to describe the Microgaming software in their casino reviews etc. for example like cutting-edge graphics, 3D animation, crisp and clear screen features and so on in actual fact describes the online casino in itself.

If one really reads between the lines, any online casino which utilises Micogaming Viper as its software indicates that it’s financially capable and has the ability to properly service its players.  Micrgaming Viper also offers its players a huge selection of popular casino games, at times up to 400 plus games to choose from, e.g. blackjack, poker, roulette and so forth.

Auditing Firms

When we see that an online casino indicates that it’s audited on a regular basis by PriceWaterHouse Coopers and that the audit reports are made available for players to peruse, it immediately indicates that casino’s dealings is legit and above-board. So rest assured and feel confident by means of trying these casinos out.  Start of with a small deposit and take it from from there, it’s always important to “test the waters” first.

Security and Customer service

This is arguably one of the most important points that many players are interested in; that online casinos safeguard a player’s confidential information and transactions are imperative. 

Especially first time depositors want to know if the payment method is secure. With an eWallet like Moneybookers you gain several advantages in terms of security:

No need to disclose any banking details in the internet anymore. Real money players only need to store their relevant bank details in one place and can pay at all gaming sites where the Moneybookers eWallet is accepted.

All payment details are stored in an account which is protected with the highest security measures. A security token device is available for each account.

Moneybookers risk & fraud teams have 10 years of experience, having one of the most experienced Risk and Anti-Fraud teams in the industry, ensuring all funds are safe

Age of an online casino

The older an online casino is, the better the chances are that players will receive proper player and customer support.  I’m not saying that new online casinos don’t have the ability or resources to service their players properly. Older casinos have stood the test of time, they have built up a sound database of players, financially secure and they’re familiar with all the mishaps/pitfall that may occur from time to time within the online Gambling Industry.  They have been properly investigated by forums, players, Casinomeister, Affiliate Guardog and GPWA (Gambling Portals Webmaster Association).

Bonus Terms & Conditions

By and large the most problematic issue online casinos experience with some players today are players who have not understood the casino’s terms & conditions properly, this has left many a player angry and confused.  It’s very important that a player understands the wagering conditions for bonuses before they make use of a specific bonus option.  For first time players start off with a small deposit (minimum $25), to familiarize yourself with the casino, it’s software and customer support staff first.

The reason why most online casinos make use of very large bonuses nowadays is not only to attract players, but to enhance their players’ chances of winning also.  Please note; the casino will always look after its own interest first and foremost, make sure you look after yours!  Hence the old saying” A fool and his money soon part ways”.  If you are not sure how the casino’s bonus system works contact the casino’s customer support section for assistance.

To conclude, we suggest players conduct a proper research about an online casino first before they register an account with that casino.  There are no guarantees in this game, players must safeguard themselves and remember the casino like any business organization, is there for one purpose only and that is to make money.



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