Children Left In Car At Pennsylvania Casino

A decree has been issued by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board that it would under no circumstances tolerate underage gambling within its casinos in the state.   This could be seen as one of the main reasons why some parents leave their children in their vehicles whilst gambling.  That’s why we at prefer online casinos above their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

This odious crime was committed on Saturday when two adults were charged and taken into custody leaving their children in a vehicle whilst gambling at the Rivers.   The Rivers is the latest addition to the many casinos within the state; security at the casino has been beefed up to avoid these types of incidences.

Phayvonh Peaungvongpakdy and her partner Lounla Xayathep both 38 on Saturday left two children in his vehicle between the ages of three and ten.  The boyfriend remained in the vehicle for a period of time before joining Peaungvongpakdy at the casino.  These two were having a whale of a time until the casino made an announcement about the two children that have been left in the car to fend for themselves; the police have taken them into custody.

Since the couple has left the minors inside in their car they have been charged with three counts of endangering the welfare of children as well as three counts of leaving children in a motor vehicle.  Presently they are in prison on $50,000 bonds.   Apparently they claim the children aren’t theirs but an investigation has indicated that they are the custodians of the children.

In months gone by this type of crime has occurred frequently in Pennsylvania.   Several casinos have been alerted by the Gaming Board to be on the lookout for this type of incidents.  The casinos were notified to enhance their security and to equip security officials with the necessary training to handle this of conduct.

Recent years has seen Pennsylvania’s casino gambling industry grow in stature.  The state is on the brink of overtaking New Jersey as the gambling Mecca of the East Coast, it could even be before this year is out.  This past summer has seen table games added to the casinos in Pennsylvania in turn this has attracted huge amount of gamblers.



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