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eCogra the London based autonomous player protection and standards gaming organization, annually releases information concerning player disputes that have been certified by it. The report is released by Tex Rees who also happens to be the Fair Gaming Advocate for the organization. The latest report for 2010 has just been released by Rees; it could be perused at the organization’s web site, eCOGRA.

In 2010 a total 846 disputes have been submitted online to eCOGRA, so far player disputes have increased by 10% in comparison to the 826 complaints submitted in 2009. eCogra does not deal with complaints made by internet casinos that does not bear its seal of approval, 67 complaints have been rejected outright. An additional 125 did not adhere to eCogra’s stringent criteria.

These complaints were found to be fraudulent, non-specific, offensive or unknown. This is one of the main reasons why eCogra only received 654 legitimate disputes in 2010. The legitimate disputes received in 2009 were 628 in total. The reason why disputes increased is because there are more players wageringonline and making more financial transactions. To be honest there is no reason for concern as pointed out by the following statistic. Averagely an eCOGRA approved internet casino submitted only 0.38 disputes per month in 2010. In 2009 the figure was 0.37.

The eCOGRA report provides a detailed breakdown in the respective categories. 44% entailed cash-in problems, 25% entailed bonus issues, 19% entailed locked accounts and 12% were characterized as others, such as software fairness, responsible gambling and spamming. Rees stated that in 2010 that 43% of player disputes were resolved in favour of the player. As of 2004 eCOGRA dealt with nearly 4,500 disputes of which 49% were resolved in favour of the player.

Rees outlined and warranted the percentage decline in disputes that went in favour of the player by referring to a syndicated scam. She said, “The tiny decline in the percentage of disputes resolved in the player’s favour and a parallel increase in allegations of unfair bonus ineligibility were proved to be connected by means of an extensive investigation. A fraudulent player ring was exposed by making use of high-tech security systems, ensuing in its members submitting allegations which later proved to be bogus, but had to be meticulously followed up.” Rees however did not reveal the place and method adopted by the scammers for security reasons. She did confirm however, that the culprits have been apprehended and stopped.

eCOGRA’s seal of approval covers online casinos, internet poker rooms, bingo halls, sports betting sites, mobile casinos, live dealer casinos and affiliate programs. Since 2003 eCOGRA has approved the operations of over 150 operators and software providers.



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