Florida Bans Internet Gambling Cafes

Internet Gambling Outlawed at Internet Cafes in the state of Florida
Internet Gambling Outlawed at Internet Cafes in the state of Florida

Just after the closure of four Jackson County, Florida internet cafes a couple of weeks ago because of gambling allegations, the county’s Grand Jury labelled “internet cafes” against the law, a nuisance to the public, and a shame.

The State Attorney Glenn Hess had the following to say, “It goes without saying that the citizens from Jackson County will not sit still for a continued invasion of these internet casinos. They don’t appreciate gambling there.”

In defense of Hess’ statement the internet gambling businesses’ attorneys postulate that the operations were conducted in accordance with Florida’s present laws as sweepstakes comparable to those offered at fast-food outlets.

However, Hess does not share their views: “We have concrete evidence that indicate it was a charade and a joke. They weren’t offering the public anything of value. Basically they were running and operating a gambling house.”

The Jury pointed out that in accordance with Florida law, should any business offer a prize larger than $5,000 it must be registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and so far not a single casino is registered with the Jackson County.

In summary, Hess added: “I’ve had numerous phone calls from the authorities in various parts of the state aiming to come down hard on these internet cafes and they’ve also requested copies of the grand jury’s findings.”



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