Internet Gambling Scandal Hits US Congressman Tierney

Republican John Tierney’s wife pleaded guilty on federal tax charges for assisting her brother to file false tax returns to cover an illegal online casino establishment. The downside to this is that it may have dire political consequences for Rep. Tierney who’s up for re- election in November.

Republican candidate Bill Hudak of Boxford, for the 6th District will come up against Tierney in the general election in November said that he was “saddened” when he heard the allegations against Tierney’s wife.

“Information from newspapers and television was my only resources pertaining to these allegations and has been going on for at least eight years involving $7 million,” Hudak stated. “

However it’s imperative this exposé happens, given the nature of the circumstances and the quantity of time and money involved it stands to reason that the congressman’s vote might be in question, with special reference to the vote on the Internet Gambling Prohibition and Enforcement Act (UIGEA),” Hudak said.

In Swampscott, Dr. Kate Kozitza, Republican challenger for state representative, 8th Essex District, said voters are perfectly aware of the scandal and many people I spoke with notified me how disappointed they were that once again fraud and dishonesty was the focal point in the political arena yet again,” she said. “I sympathise with their opinions.  As a result of this near state scandal and criminal conduct in Massachusetts politics, voters are fed up.

“It would be interesting to know if Rep. Tierney was aware of his wife’s dealings and involvement in this internet casino scam and we don’t want to make any comments about it as yet,” she said. “The crux of the matter is now more than ever, there must be authentic transparency in government — both statewide and nationally.”

Concerns About Re-Elections?

A more positive spin is being fronted by the Democrats with regard to the potential impact it might have on Tierney’s political campaign.

Catherine Bayliss, chair of the Gloucester Democratic City Committee, pointed out that the discussions concerning this scandal should revolve around Congressman Tierney, but rather on Patricia Tierney’s brother who exploited and misled her.

“It’s imperative that we not forget Tierney’s unconditional service to this district and to the country as a whole, his devotion to his constituents, his absolute honesty, his impeccable record on matters relevant to us and last but not least outstanding intellect,” Bayliss said.

“Most people are trying to make Tierney a scapegoat in this matter,” he said. “I keep him in high regard.  At the moment he is doing what is right and supports Patrice and to date John has been a phenomenal congressman.”

Ipswich Democrat Bill Wasserman, “I don’t think that he knew what was happening in truth I would be flabbergasted if they did,” he said. “Maybe their decision wasn’t as sharp as it should have been, but it’s really a matter of misguided believe.”

Wasserman said on the face of things Patrice Tierney is the fulcrum of the family and held them together in the absence of their father, it is still unclear at this point in time the exact ramifications these allegations might have on the congressman’s campaign.

“To be honest it’s difficult to ascertain whether he is guilty or not, Tierney has a spotless record of being very trustworthy,” Wasserman concluded. To be honest this case is most certainly ammunition for the opposition without a doubt.”



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