Helena Brett Wins Betfred Ladies’ Poker Tour

MANCHESTER, England-The undisputable queen of British women’s poker is Helena Brett; she won the Grand Final of the Betfred Ladies’ Poker Tour.

Brett who is thirty one hails from Staffordshire and heads the commercial activity for a charity organization, she beat Raine Hilson at London’s Western Club having competed in poker for just over a year.

Brett just one of ten poker enthusiasts to participate in the Grand Final qualified in July having won the Northampton leg of the tour.  She is a true champion having come up against some very seasoned poker players to walk away with one of women’s poker most rewarding prizes.

The final constituted three players only; Helena, Raine and Karen Walton who slugged it out for over two hours, Walton earned third place in the poker tournament.

Once the heads-up kicked-off Brett found herself on the short stack, thanks to some courageous play she doubled up landing three Ladies (Queens).

Shortly after that hand Brett landed two pairs (fives and sixes), putting her in a reasonably strong position when Raine’s flush draw effort did not materialise. With palsy hand of 10-3 Raine ran the gauntlet and decided it was time to go all in, she was up against Brett’s K-10.  The river card did not benefit either player and Brett won the tourney with her high King.

“I still can’t believe I’ve won, it’s like a dream,” said Brett, she was tipped 9/2 as the tournament’s second favourite to win the Betfred final.

“To be honest I don’t look to far ahead and structure my game as I receive the cards, hence the reason I felt so overwhelmed when I won.

“As the poker tourney started I knew who my strongest opponents were, I set myself a goal to be among the last five players. I was fortunate in the sense one of the top players went out early and this paved the way for me.”

Brett has decided to play in one of the UK’s and Europe’s most prestigious poker tournaments-she’s being backed by Betfred for 2011 with a handsome GBP20, 000.

“My short term goal is to participate in the Irish Open and the Women’s World Open, in which Helen Firth, my forerunner as champion, ended in second place this year,” said Brett.

“I’d like to focus on local poker tourneys within the UK and make a name for myself locally and then take it from there to international poker events.”

Fred Done, chief whip for Betfred internet casino congratulated Brett that she deserves to have won and that she would be a worthy ambassador for his brand during next year’s poker campaigns.

“I’m happy for Brett’s sake, throughout this year’s Betfred Ladies’ Poker Tour she has proved to not only a very competitive poker player but a highly skilled one with buckets of talent too,” said Fred.

“Brett’s accomplishments speak for itself not only before the final or her Northampton victory but two other top-four finishes as well.

“I’m absolutely 100% certain that she’ll be a worthy representative for Betfred Poker in card rooms everywhere and I wish her all the best for next year, which will be the start of her accomplishments at the poker table.”



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