Internet Cafe Operator Innocent Of Gambling

Internet cafes have been keeping authorities busy throughout the U.S, the latter acted as a sanctuary to illegal internet gamblers where they could wager illegally at internet casinos.  A jury based in Marion County has found Jaeneen Cristante innocent on accounts of two charges brought against her.

The charges that have been brought against Cristante claimed she owned and ran a gambling house as well as being in possession of several slot machines.  She was apprehended the previous year and her legal team mounted a defence claiming that she was not guilty and not in contravention of any gambling laws at her establishment.

Cristante is adamant and claimed she utilised electronic sweepstakes to advertise her phone card business.  In her defence she said that her clients would purchase time on the phone cards and in turn would indulge in computer games where cash prizes could be won instead of money.  Cristante successfully defended her case and its set to be viewed as an example on how these types of cases would be handled in future.

Assistant State Attorney Mark Simpson notified the press media that the government would be relentless in bringing the perpetrators to book who operate these types of establishments and are found guilty.  Simpson conceded defeat in court on Monday, but promised that he will actively pursue the shutting down of Internet cafes.

Similar types of Internet cafes have sprung up in the locality of the states of North Carolina and Georgia.  The police followed the same modus operandi as authorities in Florida.  Authorities are of the opinion that these Internet cafes are promoting illegal internet casino gambling.  Unfortunately the decision of the jury in Florida has made it rather difficult to prosecute owners of these establishments.

The chances are slim that one of these Internet cafe cases will find its way to the Supreme Court. In order to ensure that the law is properly enforced a blanket ruling might be imposed.  There has been a positive growth in Florida’s regulated casino industry; this might have encouraged the clean-up on the Internet cafes.



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