South America Gambling Stats

In Costa Rica there’s approximately 500 online gambling sites. It is the third largest gaming market in Latin America which yields a profit of $14.5 billion. The country attracts many operators and software providers since the Costa Rican government is rather lax when it comes to enforcing its policies. Regular commercial licences that are applicable to all industries are employed to regulate and tax online betting companies.

Recently a report released by The Research and Markets (R&M) Organization on the country titled “Costa Rica Gaming and Gambling 2011”. The report gives a brief overview of Costa Rica delineating the country’s main resources, politics, gambling sector and its citizens.

The report also touches upon land-based gambling and mentions infrastructure which tourists can make use of. However, the gist of the report focuses mainly on Costa Rica’s gambling industry. Discussed in detail are casinos, lotteries, bingo, betting and internet gambling. Advertising regulations that might impact upon the gambling industry are also covered.

A representative for R&M said: “We are aware that should legal and unlawful gaming activities were to be combined in Latin America it could generate more or less $150 billion per annum.” He also mentioned that the twelve premier gambling countries’ in South America’s combined gaming revenues is more than $33 billion. Of this figure Latin Americans contribute $10 billion per annum. On average each citizen spends US$250 per year on gambling. The more prolific gambling countries on the continent are Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Panama and Venezuela.

It goes without saying that online gambling and software providers are in the hunt for local partners in Latin America to set up offices. Software provider Offsidegaming has teamed-up with a local Latin America Company called Tristar International. The site features sports betting, casino and poker. Offsidegaming introduced various gaming products, including office operations and player services facilities. It will stand Tristar International in good stead in order to build up a dedicated player base. The company has an established track record within the international market.



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