Nevada Gaming Board Law Ambiguous

In the United States Caesars Entertainment led from the front when it came to internet gambling. An amalgamation with giant 888 Holdings confirmed that the company is preparing for U.S regulations. The business partnership’s received the thumbs up from the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Caesars amalgamated with Fordart Ltd. and Cassava Enterprises Ltd. These operators are subsidiaries of 888 Holdings, will aid Caesars to expand their World Series of Poker brand and will also enable Caesars to operate within the United Kingdom.

However, the amalgamation did not come as a surprise to one Gaming Control Board member, after the three person board suggested approval from the Nevada Gaming Commission.

“Basically this joint venture will permit Caesars to offer internet gambling in the UK,” said Board member A.G. Burnett. “The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is ambiguous to say the least and it compelled 888 Holdings in 2006 to exit the U.S market costing the company dearly.”

Burnett’s even supported by Nevada officials and how they view Internet gambling these days Strange enough Nevada is now one of the states in the U.S calling for the regulation of the casino industry.

Senator Harry Reid, who for many years was not in favour of internet gambling felt that it would impact negatively on the revenue of Nevada land-based casinos. He championed the bill that would regulate internet poker in 2010. Unfortunately the bill was declined but it has opened up discussions for legalization.

Caesars’ move to date sends a clear message to its opponents that the U.S might reconsider its former opinion toward ousting internet gambling. With a lot of sites to pick and choose from abroad, its business venture with 888 aims to establish a relationship that excludes American players.

Should the U.S government consent to gambling regulation, internet casinos that valued the intentions of lawmakers which promulgated the UIGEA chances are very good to be accepted back into the U.S market again. Internet casinos that stayed on to offer internet gambling to U.S patrons ten to one will not receive any licenses.

Representative John Campbell is busy drafting a bill and it is supported by Rep. Barney Frank that would hopefully annul the UIGEA and regulate it all over the United States. In April this piece of legislation will be publicized.

For the time being, Caesars has a clear cut advantage over other U.S-based internet casinos should the proposed regulations be accepted. Caesars instigated the partnership with 888 because of  the software and hardware it has to offer. Should the U.S decide to do away with the UIGEA, Caesars will be in a prime position and it won’t need to build its internet platform from the bottom up.



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