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Canada contemplating accepting internet gambling
Canada Contemplating Online Casino Acceptance

Saskatchewan minister Ken Cheveldayoff indicated that the Canadian province is seriously contemplating to accept online gambling. The government owned land gambling operator Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation is in favour too. Saskatchewan highlighted in its financial report that it may join British Columbia and Quebec and impose the necessary legislation that will permit and regulate internet casinos.

Poor financial performance is the main reason why the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation wants to allow internet gambling. Even though it reported in 2010 a net income of Cdn$43 million, it is 15% below its projected figures subsequent a slow start in the early part of the year and a fifty three day labour clash. To date its yearly net revenue is also in the doldrums by approximately Cdn$7.8 million in comparison to the same period in 2010.

The report stated that without a much needed boost from the company’s outlook for the future looks gloomy. However, Cheveldayoff said that Saskatchewan is not going to jump on the internet gambling bandwagon as yet, it wants to study the ramifications of it first. He added, “Our main objective is to profit from a steady income, so that revenue streams generated from internet gambling could be ploughed back into the local community.”

Addtional Internet gambling news from Canada also referred to the disastrous launch of British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s (BCLC) internet casino Playnow. In 2010 Playnow had some serious egg on its face; due to a security breach in its software it was forced to shut down just a day after its launch. In March this year Senior Corporation I.T. executive Scott Norman left this internet casino. The Vancouver Sun speculated that Norman was the “person responsible for IT matters” during the security breach crisis and that his departure signalled he was the person responsible for the breach.

On the other hand, a BCLC spokesperson said that Norman’s resignation has no relevance to Playnow’s security breach. He did not discuss Norman’s responsibilities within Playnow. Norman also resigned his position with the Gaming Standards Association in British Columbia. Michelle Olesiejuk the association’s executive director had the following to say, “He gave up his position at his current company, because if you’re not employed by a GSA member company you are not permitted to serve as a board member.” Norman refused to comment.



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