Internet Gaming Principles Released By GLI And TST

GLI and TST publishes world first internet gambling regulatory guidelines
GLI in conjunction with TST have published the world’s very first internet gaming regulatory guidelines.

Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) is the globe’s premier laboratory where casino games are tested. Technical Systems Testing (TST) is one of these GLI Company’s that certifies egaming sites..

GLI and TST recently publicized the world’s very first internet gaming regulatory guidelines-simply termed GLI-19.

President and CEO of GLI James Maida had the following to say, “This heralds an important day in the gaming industry. I can honestly say that GLI-19, GLI and TST have the proper mechanisms in place to guide emerging markets in developing the necessary technical controls and regulations to facilitate their gaming platforms.”

GLI-19 has been used as a yard stick to review all the major internet gambling jurisdictions. The review lasted for more than a year; it entailed detailed consultation with internet gambling regulators, software developers and internet casinos across the globe.

Since GLI and TST are on good terms with all the major players within the gambling industry, they were in a position to ascertain the best practices and present a universal standard for new jurisdictions.

According to Phillip Barow, the Managing Director of GLI Europe and TST, GLI-19 is in a strong position to offer the best possible standards for technical regulation that encapsulates the best practices in regulated jurisdictions from Europe and Canada. Consistent standards across many jurisdictions are in demand by many global internet casinos and GLI-19 paves the way to a more stable industry. Interested parties can now download GLI-19 for free from GLI and TST websites.

GLI-19 comprise of two main areas, namely supplier needs and operator needs. Maida said, “This proposal has been put forward by the specialist team of regulators, suppliers and operators were approached on this project, the sole aim is to reorganize and to revamp the industry.” For this reason software providers are now in a position to offer a system that is regulations compliant and makes it easier for inter casinos to integrate into their systems. By all means GLI-19 is not creating any new requirements for the internet gambling industry. It aims to employ the best possible practices without complicating matters in existing regulated markets. One of the main advantages of GLI-19 it could be utilized by those who need it.

GLI-19’s release could not have come at a better time, since the European Commission’s (EC) Green Paper on regulatory synchronization in the European Union is still in its counseling stage. Individuals involved in finalizing the Green Paper will also make us GLI-19’s regulations. For more than twenty years GLI and TST have been global leaders in all formats of gaming testing. They were the first to test in various reputed regulated internet gambling jurisdictions such as Alderney, Isle of Man and the United Kingdom.



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