Israeli Staff Walkouts Ill Omen William Hill

Newspaper headlines reported recently that well known British internet and land gambling group William Hill plc experienced a stroke of bad luck when approximately 200 of its staff members walked out their offices from the company’s support centre in Tel Aviv, Israel.

A senior staff member, Eyal Sanoff chief marketing officer in Israel also resigned from his position. Apparently the walkouts is a major headache for the company at the moment, as a result a couple of big wigs from William Hill flew out to Israel to “wave the olive branch”. Hopefully they’ll be able to prevent any further problems for its vital internet division, since its marketing and customer support is handled mostly in Tel Aviv.

A plausible cause for the walkouts is that Israeli staff members caught wind that William Hill is on the verge of moving its Israeli functions to the United Kingdom or Gibraltar. A staff member said to Internet Casinos, “Everyone’s worried. The company has really been doing well the last couple of years. All of us were under the impression that the company is here to stay, unfortunately the situation has become really bad of late and most of us are very concerned about our jobs.

“All 180 employees walked out their offices on Sunday; Sunday is a normal working day in Israel. According to the latest news only 20 employees went back to work today.”

Rumor has it that employees were offered a monthly salary by one of the executives who went to Israel to prevent a possible catastrophe. At this stage Will Hill has not issued a press release yet concerning the present situation. Should any news surface pertaining to the aforementioned Cassaon-casino will keep you posted. For the sake of the employees we sincerely hope that both management and employees will be able to resolve their issues in an amicable manner.



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