Macau New Vegas Of The East

The collection of the small islands aptly named Macau is not dubbed the “Vegas” casino of the East for nothing.

Macau is renowned for the invigorating energy it exudes and it never sleeps!   The fulcrum of all its activities is centred on entertainment constitutes a vital business region in the ostentatious Chinese Special Administrative Region.  A frenzy of activities and events goes on round the clock – a conspiracy, it seems, to make sure you stay just one more day, and then another.  Although gambling constitutes as the major activity, this year has seen the revenue of Macau increase by a staggering 40% in the third quarter alone.

At The Venetian a US$2.4 billion (S$3.06 billion) casino resort managed and owned by Las Vegas Sands – Cirque Du Soleil’s first resident show in Asia “Zaia” has a show every night. “Zaia” depicts the tale of a girl who sets out on a pilgrimage of self-discovery.  As with the majority of the shows conducted by Cirque Du Soleil, the storyline always seeks a reason to unleash fantastical props, fanciful costumes and the unmanageable elegance of the performers.

One cannot help but to note the show’s multi-ethnic style, a number of dance forms are presented like; tango and tap to breakdance and even some versions of Chinese acrobatic moves.  Mythical stories such as polar bears gliding across the backdrop and an evocative soundtrack rounds the performances of perfectly, ensuring that “Zaia”is a show to be remembered and not to be missed.

The vibe in Macau is unbelievable and adult fun takes centre stage in this gambling Mecca.   The night seems to come alive offering a fantastic array of shows for those patrons who’d like to take a well deserved break from their gambling activities, be sure to visit the Rockza Café, at the Grand Lisboa, a show offered for adults only. Dubbed “Tokyo Nights”, Japanese dancers will perform a strip-tease performance some of them are well-known in Japan’s AV industry.

Be sure to visit the “Moonwalker” on Macau’s Bar Streetand other establishments surrounding it, the majority of them remain open till the early hours of the morning.  If the said entertainment is not to your liking, head back to The Venetian casino resort and indulge in your favourite casino table games, guaranteed to keep you captivated all night.

If you still have the energy left when dawn breaks after a 24-hour non-stop entertainment binge, grab a picker-upper at a cha chan teng in Macau’s back alleys and contemplate on catching all the other entertainment you have missed so far.



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