Neteller Signs Up Dinero Mail

Players from across Europe and the US don’t always realise how difficult it is for players from Latin America to fund online casino accounts.   Only 20% of the Internet users in this region have access to international credit cards.  Less than 20% of credit cards issued in Latin America are accepted abroad or by international online merchants like online casinos.  More than 60% of all online transactions in Latin America are paid through cash payment alternatives. 

Pertaing to the above it becomes difficult for players to interact with online casinos through electronic wallets such as Neteller.  The good news is that Neteller has now made it easier for Latin American online casino players to utilise its service and to fund their Internet casino accounts.  Neteller has now teamed up with the Latin American payment services provider Dinero Mail.

Casino players from Latin America will follow a two step process to fund their Neteller account. The first step, they will have to fund their Dinero Mail account.  Players have to first log into their Neteller account from Neteller’s secure portal.  They then have to go to the Deposit page and click on the Dinero Mail banner on the right side of their screen.  On the following page the players will be required to enter the amount that is to be transferred, this will include the Neteller 12 digit account ID.  Once the Pay button has been clicked they will be directed to the Dinero Mail web site to complete the transaction. 

If the required funds are available in the Dinero Mail account the transfer can be affected immediately.  Or the Dinero Mail account can be suitably loaded and the transfer affected. Neteller users won’t pay a cent to transfer funds from Dinero Mail.  The transaction is normally completed within one business day.

The Dinero Mail account can be funded by using cash and has agreements with a whole host of cash payment networks that accept payments in a number of physical retail locations.   Payments could be made in the local Latin American currencies.  Examples of cash payment networks are: Pago, Cobro Express, Oxxo and abcdin. Latin American players can load their Dinero Mail accounts from their local bank accounts.  That said players from Argintina can now transfer funds from Bapro to Dinero Mail.

Dinero Mail is widespread over the entire Latin American region, it includes countries like Mexico, Chile, Columbia, Brazil and Argentina.  Dinero Mail is incorporated in the United States and has investments from International Finance Corporation, Grupo Clarin and Fintech Advisory.  Security is top-notch and players can rest assured that security issues will be taken care of.




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