Paysafecard Option Added to Neteller

New option, paysafecard, added to Neteller.
Paysafecard joins Neteller.

Neteller is one of the premier e-wallets that most internet casinos use as a deposit and withdrawal option to fund their internet casino accounts. The reason why customers like this payment option it permits their electronic wallet to be loaded using many payment options. In its latest e-mail newsletter Neteller notified its customers that Paysafecard is now available as a deposit option with Neteller.

In order to make a deposit with Paysafecard, an internet casino player must first visit his/her nearest Paysafecard reseller. Paysafecard has more than 400,000 retail outlets across the globe. A step by step guide on Paysafecard’s website guides the player. All a player needs to do is to slot in his/her address; the nearest ten locations will be shown. A player can then purchase vouchers and pay for them in cash if he/she so chooses. Players can purchase Paysafecard vouchers in values ranging from €10, €25, €50 or €100 or in any local currency. A 16-digit code must be provided by the internet casino player first when he/she wants to make a deposit with a Paysafecard.

The Neteller e-mail explains how to load the electronic wallet using Paysafecard. There are three simple steps a player must follow. First the internet casino player must sign into his/her Neteller account and select Paysafecard from the deposit page. The deposit amount must then be entered and provide the 16-digit code from the voucher and then click on confirm. A small fee of 1.75% would be charged. In one transaction numerous Paysafecard vouchers could be used. Within a few minutes the cash amount will be credited to the player’s Neteller electronic wallet.

Paysafecard presents players with a couple of nice features. It’s seen as a fantastic alternative to credit card deposits. Players don’t have to worry that their credits cards will be rejected or if a bank transfer takes too long. If payments are made in cash no accounting trail is left. Internet casino players who reside in Germany, France, United Kingdom, Poland, Spain, Romania, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Portugal, Estonia, Greece, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Slovakia and Slovenia can fund their Neteller accounts using Paysafecard. Other countries will be added soon.

Neteller announced that internet casino players from Sweden and Denmark can now fund their electronic wallets using eWire. eWire is an instant deposit option enabling members to transfer cash from their personal bank accounts or debit and credit cards into their Neteller account.  Every financial institution in Sweden and Denmark supports eWire in both Danish Krone and Swedish Krona.



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