Polish Government Rejects Gaming Online

All the major internet casinos as well as the European Commission (EC) are predominantly focusing on developments in France, Italy and Germany. The Polish government on the other hand might clamp down on its budding online gambling industry.

The new Polish Gambling Act might be enforced by the Polish government soon but the EC must still approve it. Jacek Kapica, the person responsible for driving this new Gambling Act’s legislation in Poland can’t wait before it’s legalised. However, it seems that the EC does not share the same sentiments when it comes to the ban of internet gambling as Kapica.

Key points within draft state that sports betting only would be permitted in Poland. Internet casinos that aim to host sports betting must receive a license from the Polish government first and must be prepared to carry out all financial dealings in Poland.

At this stage the bone of contention revolves mainly over Poland’s 12% turnover tax, effectively making Poland the highest internet taxation government within the European Union. Poland also prohibits all formats of gambling advertising and promotions to sport sponsorship, therefore making it difficult for internet casinos to operate effectively and to make a reasonable profit.

Kapica said in an interview recently, that he’s not in favour of internet gambling being licensed by a few countries in Europe and territories within the EU (such as Poland). He concluded: “Our main aim is to discourage operators from setting up shop in Poland and hopefully the current ones still operating in the country would leave soon”.

The message to operators made by the Polish government is loud and clear. It aims to rid itself from the major European online gaming sites without the formal consent from the EC. Ironically this follows approximately 12 months where sites such as Betclic, Unibet, Bet-At-Home and Expekt sponsored some of Poland’s premier football clubs and the country’s national team. Funny enough that all this should take place the year before Poland hosts the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship.



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