QuickTender Resumes Payments

Quick tender resume payments
Quicktender has kept it’s word and have resumed payments.

QuickTender is synonymous with UseMyWallet, an internet payments solutions provider that services the United States market.

Black Friday impact negatively on QuickTender since the Department of Justice (DoJ) indicted Chargestream Ltd., one of the payment processors used by QuickTender. At the time QuickTender notified all its American clients that the cash due them would be paid in euros, in spite of QuickTender assuring its players many wondered if they were going to receive their cash.

Internet casinos is happy to report to our U.S players that QuickTender has made good on its word and started paying out some players. On June 23rd the payment solutions provider notified its clients via e-mail concerning repayments. Players who wager at internet casinos who want to access their funds must wait until the 15th of August.

The good news so far is that players with bank accounts from the UK, U.S and Canada reported that they have received their cash with a two week waiting period. Payments are only being made to players with balances that were held by QuickTender since Black Friday compelled it to suspend its operations on the 25th of May. All funds that were in transit back then are still held up. Since then QuickTender has started releasing funds to players that were in the accounts of Chargestream. The Department of Justice notified intermediary banks to freeze all accounts.

If players want to withdraw their cash at internet casinos they must e-mail their banking particulars to QuickTender’s ewallet solution through its client support section on its website. QuickTender informed its clients to rather make use of bank accounts in euros since it’s unable to transfer cash in dollars. Presently dollar account balances would be changed to euros and then transmitted. Initially QuickTender only guaranteed that cash would be sent to euro held accounts.

According to the latest update clients from the United States are receiving cash into their dollar held bank accounts as well. Transfers normally take two weeks before clients will get their cash. Players who wager at U.S internet casinos must provide a SWIFT code or BIC before they’ll receive their cash.

Internet players from America will be impressed by the security measures employed by QuickTender. Had this ewallet solution continued to remit funds as a result of pressure from its users via prevailing conduits more cash might have ended up in frozen accounts, hence the reason players feel that the wait has been worthwhile.



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