Microgaming Launches Retro Reels Sequel

It goes without saying that when a product generates a fair amount of revenue be it a movie, novel or game there will always be a sequel to it. In essence the producers want to cash in on the original brand. Microgaming one of the premier software providers to internet casinos decided to follow this route. In December 2010 it introduced a new slots machine titled Retro Reels.

Retro Reels Features

Became an instant hit with players for the various reasons. It introduced the trendy three reel slots symbols such as bars, seven and cherry to the five reel video set-up enabling players to get the best of both formats. Arguably the most important feature of Retro Reels is the ground-breaking Re-Spins feature. It allows players to spin a certain reel while the others remain static for an extra wager. For the month of January 2011, Retro Reels’ Diamond Glitz graced the halls of Microgaming’s fleet of games. The game is similar to the original version.

The newer version is glitzier than its predecessor. It has extra diamonds added to the reels’ background and the slots title is in neon styling. A number of the symbols’ appearances have been altered a bit. As an alternative to the three different coloured seven symbols, Diamond Glitz Retro Reels had One Diamond, Two Diamonds and Three Diamonds symbols. The following has been given a more contemporary look: The Bar, Dollar Sign and scatter symbols. In both slot games the payouts still remain the same.

There are two changes to the composition of the slot games. Retro Reels video slot game the original version has 20 paylines as opposed to the 25 paylines to Diamond Glitz. The reason for this is that players will be able to win more regularly; unfortunately this feature does not apply in the free spins round. The scatter symbol on the reels in both slot games award 5 free spins. Two scatter symbols in Retro Reels award 10 free spins. Whereas the qualifying number in Retro Reels Diamond Glitz is 3 scatter symbols that gives players 15 free spins. Unfortunately in the sequel the 10 free spins are gone.

Various features of the new slot game still remain the same; for instance the coin denomination, the same maximum value on the number of coins wagered per payline and precisely the same customization options. In both slot games the same Re-Spins feature is offered. The similarities of the two slot games are noteworthy and it’s a conundrum as to why exactly Microgaming released The Diamond Glitz sequel. 



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