RGA Challenges Greek Tax

Internet casino trade body the Remote Gambling Association (RGA) has expressed its concerns toward the Greek government pertaining to the tax levied on distant internet casinos and also in disagreement of its planned 6% turnover tax “is simply not acceptable”.

The RGA said strictly speaking “welcomed” the draft law, the trade body has voiced its concerns about the practicality and requirement of various aspects of the draft legislation, as well as the compatibility of some of those with EU law.”

Clive Hawkswood, Chief executive said: “Currently we are locked in negotiations with the Greek government to elucidate some issues and we hope to resolve this matter in an amicable manner. Of primary significance, however, is the tax of 6% levied, as in France it’s simply not conducive to internet casinos in a very competitive global market.”

Hawkswood disclosed that the RGA had employed the Athens office of “Big Four” auditor/accountant KPMG to draft a report on the connection between the taxation model projected for remote gambling and the ramifications it will have on the Greek gambling market.

“The results speaks for itself”, Hawkswood said. “Only a gross profits taxation model will offer value to its customers, a sustained source of profits for the government and a healthy competitive environment for the industry.’

The RGA also requested an explanation from Greek authorities on various other areas of the draft law, such as the requirement for licensed internet casinos to have permanent servers in Greece, and the obligatory use of a dot.gr domain.

The tender process, exclusively the limitation of internet licences to between 15 and 50, is questioned by the RGA as well. Hawkswood said the trade body did not view this “as necessarily favourable to a feasible and competitive market” and could potentially lead to a lack of a competitive offering to Greek patrons and therefore the systematic migration of Greek players to internet casinos licensed in other jurisdictions.”



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