Romania Internet Gambling Draft Unsuccessful

European nations are attempting to regulate internet gambling in the hope of enticing more tax revenues as opposed to any incentives from the European Commission (EC). Countries situated within the EU are still grappling to implement proper legislation that would safeguard their interests pertaining to the internet casino industry. It’s imperative that new casino legislation proposed by countries be approved by the EU first in contrast to others which botched the test.

The lasts victim’s draft law Romania has been vetted by the EC and disappointingly not accepted.  In its initial statement the EC has delineated certain statements within the original proposal and notified the Romanian casino vendor that it’s proposal was in contravention with EU (European Law) law. Topping the list are the requests from other applicants, which are already in possession of licenses from other EU jurisdictions that will be formed in Romania as well as their servers to be located in the country.

There has been an outcry on the latest Romanian internet casino marketing and advertising ban for EU listed companies that are not authorized in Romania, it’s regarded as biased and cannot be tolerated. Internet pool betting has been rejected by the EC as well and deemed totally unwarranted.  According to the draft’s legislation all other forms of internet gambling are permitted.  In turn this necessitates that Romania won’t be able to endorse the draft proposal but will have to prompt the mandatory changes in order to accomplish EC acceptability. Assuming matters progress devoid of addressing the objections that has been raised by the EC, it stands to reason that it could face breach proceedings under present EU law.

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) a trade body to Europe’s major internet gambling vendors reacted quickly to this. The EGBA has welcomed the Romanian initiative to restructure and legalize internet gambling and pointed out the need for uniformity pertaining to its rules and regulations imposed by the various nations.

Secretary General of EGBA, Sigrid Ligne pointed out, “As stipulated in its recent rulings the ECJ (European Court of Justice), there are minor provisional means than required organizations to observe and control the internet gaming and betting market.” Ligne said that Romania is the third European country to date during a 12 month period that has been requested by the EC to ratify and amend its draft legislation.  Other two countries ware Denmark and Poland.

On July the 2nd, 2010 Romania has put forward its draft legislation to the EC and Member States. Now the EC has extended the standstill period until November 3. Until the termination date Romania can’t implement its draft legislation. The Netherland’ standstill is set to run out this coming week.  In the event there is no objections from the EC by then, the process of applying for licenses could start soon. After France the Netherlands could become the next country to permit internet gambling.



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