New Jersey Senators Decide Internet Gambling Fate

For the last couple of years Atlantic City casinos have been grappling to try and save their ailing gambling industry by means of looking at alternative methods to generate more income.  In essence it’s up to the lawmakers to save the floundering gaming industry in the U.S.  The State’s casino gambling industry is in the balance when senators will decide today what the best option will be going forward.

Atlantic City’s welfare is predominantly centred on a very successful tourism industry which attracts thousands of visitors to its casinos every year.  The bill is set to be given the green light or not today and it aims to establish a state-controlled tourism industry in Atlantic City.

In the event the bill is implemented, all manner of tourism and promotions would then be in the hands of the State-this would be considered a huge win for the tourism industry in general; since casinos have always dictated the policies for tourism.

Senators would decide on the implementation of the following legislation in Atlantic City.  Assuming it get’s the go-ahead; the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority would then be in charge of the tourism region.  As for the regulations; “The State Division of Gaming Enforcement” would be in charge, this in turn will ensure that most licensing regulations would be relaxed. These changes would label Atlantic City as the “Las Vegas of the East Coast”, therefore causing less stringent licensing regulations.  This might be very beneficial to some legislators who are in favour of the internet casino industry.

Atlantic City’s casinos must tag along with the refurbish plans put in motion.  On a monthly basis, the casinos are losing more gamblers to Pennsylvania, Delaware and of late Maryland too.  To safeguard their position as the premier gaming destination in the East, casino owners understand that changes need to be implemented for them to be successful.

An additional bill that is going to be voted on today pertaining to  wagering online, assuming the S-490 is implemented, New Jersey would then become the first state in America to control online gambling. Unfortunately citizens who reside in other states would not be permitted to wager at internet casinos that have been regulated in New Jersey.



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