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The online gaming industry is beginning to eye social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Based in London Spin3 is a mobile gaming solution owned by Spiral Solutions and powered by Microgaming.  Microgaming is the world’s leading gaming software provider for internet casinos.

21 Blackjack Party user which forms part of Spin3 has announced that it would be integrated into Facebook.  Febrauary 2010 saw the introduction of 21 Blackjack Party launched by Spin3 in its first game for Apple’s applications store.  This new innovation will enable players to indulge themselves in the latest gaming releases whilst social networking at the same time.  Simply put players will be able to update each other with regard to how the advance in the game.

In 21 Blackjack Party players will have access to a tracking facility where they will be able to keep tabs on their skill levels and score levels will be posted on to a live community scoreboard.  Players will be able to compare their scores against one another.  In order to track of their progress players could use the application to gain entrance to the scoreboard via the App or by means of the 21 BlackJack Party microsite.

If anyone progresses to the next level or a player drops in ranking other players are automatically notified.   The iPhone is a perfect launch pad for 21 Blackjack Party, offering the combination of tap and slide movement and fully equipped with high-end graphics-each player’s rankings and balance will be saved as well.

Matti Zinder, head of Spin3 said, “The digital age has arrived and our lives have become entwined with it, more than 150 million active users are making use of Facebook by means of mobile phones on a global scale.” We will remain ahead of the pack and Spin3 will update its users on a regular basis with regard to the latest market developments and technologies”.

Spin3 is gaming on the go and presents the mobile casino sector with a new opportunity that is waiting eagerly to be exploited.   Spin3 is an exhibitor at the European iGaming Congress and Expo (EiG).  The introduction of this new mobile gaming platform to Facebook sets the standard for 21 Blackjack Party to become an award winning mobile casino within the internet gaming niche.



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