Superstitious Chinese Player Wins Jackpot

As the old saying goes; there is always a first time for everything in life.  A Chinese player recently won the progressive jackpot at an internet casino called Jackpot City (The Belle Group Brand) and refused to accept his winnings; this could be regarded as the first time ever a player refuses a progressive jackpot payout.   The person is off Chinese origin and could only be identified as Mr.C who won the amount of £4,444.

By nature the Chinese are extremely superstitious people, especially when it comes to numerology.  The number 4 in Chinese culture indicates death and therefore making it a highly unlikely number in a Jackpot and is also associated with bad luck and death.  To top it all Mr.C nailed four 4s in his progressive jackpot winnings, in turn he has contacted the Casino’s customer support staff at internet casino Jackpot City and notified them he won’t be cashing in. He explained to the casino officials should he accept the winnings it could spell misfortune or even death to his family.  In turn he feels he doesn’t want to dip-out in the winnings of £4,444 although this amount does not run in the millions as most internet casino progressive jackpots, it’s still a substantial amount of cash.

A representative of Jackpot City internet casino, Terry Maverick corroborated this.  He stated: “It’s imperative that the player’s beliefs and concerns are taken into consideration and the casino is doing its best to ensure that the player does not dip out on his winnings.”  In turn, had the Chinese player won £888, £ 8,888 or even £ 88 he would have jumped for joy; since the number 8 is synonymous with good fortune and nowadays most internet casinos cater for Chinese players by including themes that have fixed jackpot payout numbers like: 8, 8,8888 or 88.  A good example is the Year of Fortune slot from Realtime Gaming.

To top it, the Wowpot slot is not renowned for paying out on a regular basis unlike some other Microgaming progressives.  The last year alone it has been hit 45 times at an average amount of 16,000 credits with intervals of 8 days.  This explains why the current hit is not as big, as opposed to what WowPot offers normally.  It’s going to be very interesting to see how Jackpot City internet casino is going to resolve this issue-the other alternative is for the player to accept his winnings in different currency.

Mega Moolah progressive jackpot has been making headlines yet again with a staggering hit of 4.1 million, this happened approximately 2 weeks ago according to Microgaming’s press release.  The powerhouse software mentioned that the jackpot was won on the 29th August by a player from Australia who wagered at Spin Palace online casino, thus making it the largest Microgaming progressive jackpot for 2010.



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