The Bible Online New Game

The official release states that “The Bible Online” game is based on scenarios from the Bible.

The Bible Online is the brainchild of a large community, its ideas and suggestions were incorporated into its final release during the beta – THE BIBLE ONLINE.  Players will enjoy the game’s simple interface and depth as well as the thematic background.

The official languages presented in this game are English and German.  The designers of the game are planning to translate the game into various other languages as well, this will be done at no cost at all and the service of the game will be conducted in Europe and Israel.

About The Bible Online:

The First Chapter of The Bible Online: Featuring the Heroes is a MMO browser game depicting elements of RTS and RPG.  The Game will enable players as leaders of their tribes to construct their own villages, resource management as well as the costs associated with it.  It is their task to protect their tribe and conquer new lands.  They can choose between fighting all alone and form alliances with other players.  Players enact the role of Abraham and his descendants; they govern their tribes, raise heroes by means of hunting and gathering expeditions.

The Quest of Ur is specifically designed for those players who strive to learn the game’s basics. The following quest is Haran and players will have to put their strategic alliances to the test by either engaging in military or diplomatic discussion.  Canaan is the final quest it will enable users to experience firsthand the true stories of the Bible by means of completing exiting quests.  In turn this will not only enable players to gain valuable insight to the amazing world of Biblical scripture, but will enhance their Biblical knowledge in a playful manner.

Key features of “The Bible Online”: Ch.1 Heroes:

  • Game Browser
  • RTS: construction of villages and maintenance, design, conquer and tribe protection
  • RPG: character development
  • Quests are based according to the stories of the Genesis
  • Players can chat to each other
  • Chronology of birthright system: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob
  • Current browsers are compatible

More about FIAA GmbH:

FiAA GbmH is an internet game publisher.  Its offices are situated in Germany; FiAA is focusing primarily on the licensing and publishing of internet games across the globe in particular Europe.  AlanBridge Co. Ltd is the Holding the holding and is located in South Korea; the Company develops and licenses internet games.



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