Senate Accused Legalization Internet Gambling

There seems to be some discord amongst the House of Republicans. They are opposed and proclaim that certain members of the Senate wants to push for the legislation and taxation of online gambling before Congress ends in 2010.

Representatives Spencer Bachus, Dave Camp and Lamar Smith are all in favour of the legalization of gambling online. Once the Republicans take charge of the House in January, the Senate may promulgate regulations that might be imposed during the present lame-duck session.  “It endeavours to foster a federal right to wager which is unbeknown in the U.S’ standing history, it has the potential to create a new tax administration, however, one has to ponder the ramifications of legalizing gambling and force this issue out in the open and not in some shady back- room deals,” the lawmakers said in a Dec.

The legalization of online gambling is a “bone of contention” and has been relentlessly debated by Congress the last couple of years.  Those in favour of regulated internet poker feel that potential revenue could significantly boost local State economies.  On the contrary those who oppose it feel this will create a set of unwanted problem gamblers in the U.S and will induce minors to wager online.

Some mode of regulated gambling has been given the thumbs up by a House committee in July, permitting Americans to wager at online casinos that have been fully licensed by the Treasury Department. However, it’s still needs the approval of the full House or the Senate.

Processing Payments

The House measure has the full support of Senator Barney Frank, who also happens to be the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. Hopefully he’ll challenge new legislation that is not in favour of internet gambling.  The new U.S banking law which has been implemented in 2006 prevents current U.S banks from processing online payments to overseas internet casinos.

Frank’s bill necessitates that current online gambling operators have the proper security measures in place that prevents minors and compulsive wagering and to thwart players from wagering in states that prohibits internet casino gambling.

Bachus of Alabama, Camp of Michigan and Smith the three House opponents from Texas are favoured to be chairmen of the Financial Services Committee, the Ways and Means Committee and the Judiciary Committee, correspondingly. Every group would retain some authority over this issue.

“To conclude. There are some worrying factors that hampers regulation. Legalization does not only entail taxation but also increasing federal costs. “It’s important that Congress should not exploit minors, problem gamblers just for the sake of extra revenue, Frank pointed out.”

Legalizing internet gambling is a contentious issue in itself and it won’t help much just to attach yet an additional bill, at the end of the day it would be “a mysterious, closed-door and undemocratic procedure.



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