UK Teenage Hackers Punished

Teenage hacker punished for internet gambling crimes in the UK
Teenage Hacker Punished

In March this year a hacker forum has been closed down, four members including the site’s founder were taken into custody. Two teenagers, Zachary Woodham (19) and Louis Tobenhouse (18) both from Brighton in the UK managed to escape from prison this week.

They were found guilty of hacking into internet casinos and hosting websites by soliciting credit card details from players and selling it on a “black” hacker site. These raunchy teens also offered advice on how to hack into these websites and various other crimes. That’s why it’s important that one always stores your personal details, preferably not on your computer but in a safe place. Ince you’re done using your computer delete your cache and run your anti virus for any malicious malware.

Although they did not go to prison they must do copious hours of community service. Woodham has a one-year suspended prison sentence and 240 hours of unpaid work for the unlawful modification to a computer and for this he received a 6 month suspended sentence. Tobenhouse on the other hand received two sentences for possession of articles for fraud and encouraging crime; 200 hours of unpaid work and must do community service for a year.

During the trial it come out that Woodham is known by the Metropolitan Police’s e-Crime Unit as “Colonel Root”. Previously he hacked into a hosting company’s site and used it to taunt personnel because of their incompetence. The police’s investigation pointed to Woodham’s residence and it was soon discovered that Tobenhouse was involved in the operation as well. Evidence of attacks on internet casinos and web hosting sites were found in Woodham’s house. The police found thousands of credit card numbers and details.

The lead investigator with e-crime Unit, Stuart Hosking said, “It’s sad that these two gifted lads abused their computer skills, causing a substantial financial loss to many innocent people. Woodham a malicious hacker, showed no sign of remorse toward his victims.”



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