Why Blame The Casino Affiliate?

Acquisitions at times have been the main rationale for affiliate departments of UK sportsbook vendors, unfortunately at what cost?  A couple of years ago most cybergambling operators escaped by means of paying affiliates way to little for affiliate referrals. Affiliates were pushed to the brink to land more accounts, driven by monthly and yearly goals operators placed on them.

This was accomplished by offering casino affiliates a lifetime revenue plan, ultimately setting the bar for affiliates, ‘offering safe and fair’ payments across all channels online casinos yielded their revenue from. Numbers were increased, supplementary CPAs, no negative roll over, were seldom paid, accompanied by player sign-up offers that were aggressive. Of late, the competition has increased substantially and player standards were compromised for lower margins and gradually more smart players.

Many were guilty of making the same mistake of being too confident in their product, they didn’t even bother checking their figures, therefore contemplating more players equates to more profit – no matter what the price. At times acquisition targets were sky high and a blind eye turned when respectable figures came from cash back sites and regardless of promoting bonus misuse. The irony of it all; these same players are still accepted by some internet casinos today.

The majority of the marketing departments of sportsbook vendors are simply writing off products that don’t perform, which don’t retain and yield high profits, in turn they’re seeing that these figures don’t add up. In the meant time their growth rates are decreasing.

The question is now what?  Partners who have pressured you non-stop to land them more and more accounts? Shall we blame them? They had a bumper ride; you have over paid them, let’s give them a payment cut.

Perhaps you don’t want any association with affiliates? Affiliates don’t take easy to backward-looking changes pertaining to their affiliate terms and conditions; internet casino vendors need just to open their eyes to see what’s happening at affiliate forums.

In the event it’s not paying off, invest less in purchases and more in product maintenance and budget control, a promise is a promise and the portal casino owner needs to be compensated for players that have been sent. Ultimately it’s your fault, your poor marketing strategy, your inadequate product’s inability to profit from the acquisitions initially requested. At the end of the day you need your affiliates, so don’t punish them for excellent work, just remember they’re the life line of your internet casino.



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