Absolute Poker Compensate Players

Players to be compensate by Absolute Poker
Absolute Poker to Compensate Players

Absolute Poker came to an agreement with the Attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York, guaranteeing U.S players who deposited their cash with the internet poker site that they would be refunded.

Blanca Games stated in its press release this morning: “The US Attorney’s Office permitted third parties to work with Absolute Poker only to ensure that U.S-based players receive their funds.”

The release confirmed also that Absolute Poker and its sister site Ultimate Bet won’t be operating in the U.S anymore, therefore the settlement reached with authorities did not come with the return of dot.com domains.

Nevertheless, Blanca said, “Regrettably, there are still many legal issues that need to be iron out first before U.S players’ funds would be returned to them.”

Philadelphia law firm Blank Rome LLP represents Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet in the United States. Both these onlinet poker sites terminated their contracts with all their sponsored players, further confirming their exit from the U.S market. Blog posts from former Ultimate Bet pros Joe Sebok and Bryan Devonshire earlier this week said that a third player Dave Stann had the following to say about the present situation in the U.S. Stann is “seriously thinking” of becoming an ex-pat and moving abroad,” and also made known that he’s developed a new tournament blackjackplatform for the site which was “literally a couple of weeks away from being introduced when Black Friday hit.”

Cassaon-casino also reported the previous week that debt holder Madeira Fjord filed for bankruptcy, and E24 a Norwegian business newspaper suggests that Madeira Fjord will be subjected to a tax audit.

On a different note. Former Pokernews editor-in-chief Haley Hintze will publish a book on the cheating scandals which involve Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker. Hintze released the news of his forthcoming book on his blog. Since September 2009 many insiders gave him some inside information. Who knows, maybe Hintze’s book could be the next Hollywood blockbuster, only time will tell.



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