Indictment Boosts Poker In Europe

Big Three Poker Sites' Indictment Boosts Poker In Europe
Online poker is popular in Europe

The internet poker industry in the United States has taken a severe beating lately. As a result many European poker affiliates believe they’re in the money again. The fact that the big three poker sites have been indicted in the U.S created a glimmer of hope amongst European affiliates and a number of internet poker operators.

It’s a given fact that PokerStars, Full Tilt and Ultimate Bet applied a lot of pressure on their poker affiliates by lowering their margins to below 5% revenue share. Ironically affiliates are the main reason for poker’s tremendous growth and the mentioned poker sites offered affiliates excellent deals five years ago. As always once the operators start cashing in, it’s always the poor affiliate who’s left sniggering in the dust and so-called “lifetime revenues” gets flushed down the toilet.

As of late taking into account the current situation and the aggressive expansion/promotions by European poker sites, many affiliates are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel again. At this stage Cassaon-casino can only advice U.S based players to rather wager at European based poker sites as opposed to the big three, because a player’s cash can’t be guaranteed in the short-term. This could be seen as the main reason why new deposits have been made at various legal European operators the last few days. These sites are reputable, trustworthy and won’t dupe their affiliates.

To conclude. We sincerely hope the case that the FBI has brought against the U.S’ main poker sites has merit and won’t be egg on their faces. Hopefully this will motivate the European Union to finally impose the necessary legislation that will properly regulate and tax internet gambling sites. In turn this will foster a safe and secure gambling environment encouraging players to wager as they deem fit. Last but not least, one can only hope that European based poker sites will learn from the mistakes the big three made in the U.S. History has an uncanny habit of repeating herself especially when fuelled by greed.



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