Phil Ivey Full Tilt Poker Clash

Phil Ivey Suing Full Tilt Poker
Full Tilt Poker comments on lawsuit.

Full Tilt Poker stuck by its guns stating that its Irish bank account’s cash is unfrozen, in spite of the U.S Department of Justice (DoJ) denying that the funds have been released.

Ensuing conjecture on various websites since Internet casinos reported FTP was in a position to access a sum which came to more than one third of the cash it owed players, a company source notified this publication the account in question is not the one that has been named in the original indictment, but a separate corporate account kept with the Bank of Ireland.

The source explained that Full Tilt approached the U.S Attorney’s Office for New York’s Southern District reassuring the bank it was safe to unfreeze the account. “The bank was not the one which was subjected to the Department of Justice’s freezing order, however the DoJ contacted the Bank of Ireland to get the funds unfrozen,” he explained.

“Subsequent the events on Black Friday, the bank decided to freeze the account; it took the DoJ’s involvement to get the Bank to release the funds.”

An Attorney’s Office representative confirmed to Internet casinos the unfreezing of any accounts that are mentioned in the April 15th indictments would be publicized, she added that there’s “nothing in the public record” indicating “any unfreezing” and had the funds been unfrozen it would have been publicized”.

The USAO has not confirmed yet whether it had been approached by Full Tilt concerning the unfreezing of non-indicted accounts. When asked if the DoJ would unfreeze any Full Tilt accounts to compensate U.S players, the USAO spokeswoman said she is not in a position to “predict any future proceedings”.

In regards to Full Tilt Poker’s case the Bank of Ireland refused to comment. In the interim Tiltware issued a statement in reply to the lawsuit brought against it this week by Team Full Tilt member Phil Ivey, describing Ivey’s statement yesterday as “self-righteous.”

Tiltware said in its statement released via Pokernews that “Phil Ivey’s lawsuit is pointless and it only benefits one player– himself.”

“To be honest we have invited Mr Ivey, he declined our invitation to take any action that could benefit the company by paying us back a large sum of cash he still owes us,” a spokesperson for the company added, “Tiltware has its misgiving concerning Mr Ivey’s frolicsome and self-righteous lawsuit and said that it will never see a court room.”



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