Quick Tips Winning at Roulette

Playing Roulette over the internet doesn’t offer the best odds in the house. It’s a simple slow paced game which can be very entertaining and profitable. However, most experts agree that roulette offers very little in terms of strategy, making it very difficult to win on a consistent basis.

Some Handy Roulette Tips To Help You Win

  • Use the net to your advantage. There are many different formats of the game available to Internet players and there’s no reason to stick with a game that has a high risk factor. Even if you are familiar with the US version of the game take some time out and try your hand at some international formats that feature the same action with a reduced edge.
  • Avoid cheap betting systems. There’s always some gambler out there who’s developed a “fool proof system” for beating the roulette wheel.   In some cases this amazing system just happens to be for sale for a limited time period and it can be yours for nothing more than the cost of a few bets. Save your time and your money. It’s futile and worthless relying on”systems  that attempt predictions or on flawed mathematical principles.
  •  Arguably the most famous betting system is the Martingale system. It advises doubling up on each successive loss to recoup lost money which eventually translates into a win. Let’s have a look at some of the problems experienced with this recurring betting scheme. Assume you’re at the roulette wheel, ready to bet on black which pays 1 to 1. Under the guidlines of the Martingale system all you need to win is to bet on black every spin and double up on any previous losses until you eventually win. It doesn’t take too long before your $5 bet reaches proportionately dangerous levels.
  • Luckily the common table limit at today’s casinos offering roulette is $500. In case you’re wondering if it’s possible to see many consecutive losses, the answer is yes. As John Scarne points out in his New Complete Guide to Gambling, the record was set in 1943 at Arrowhead Casino, in Saratoga, New York, when the colour red appeared 32 consecutive times. Even if the odds is 22,254,817,519 to 1 against-such exceedingly rare events do happen!

The Martingale system may sound very good, most of the time it’s ineffectual, defeated by their own bad math coupled with the potential of enormous risk. Your best bet is to Play it Safe.



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