Crazy Slots Released by Virgin Casino

Crazy Slots just released by Virgin Casino
Virgin Casino released a fun new slots titled “Crazy Slots”.

Virgin Casino is licensed in Alderney. It welcomes players from the United Kingdom, and Europe. 

Virgin Casino just released a new slot game titled Crazy Slots. The site describes Crazy Slots as “a fun game of chance and strategy”.

Crazy Slots Game Info

Crazy Slots has a single master reel with three spots in a vertical strip. This reel spins to a position that indicates three symbols when the player starts the game. On the screen just below this are four three reel “Slots” that do not spin. From the master reel the player then selects a Slot to place the combination. A new three symbol combination appears on the master reel the moment the first combination is placed. 

The following strategy must be applied here. The aim of this slot game is to try and place the symbols in the Slots in such a manner that when all three reels are complete winning combinations feature in the paylines. Hints will be given to players as the game progresses. Points will be awarded for three of the same symbol on any of the lines once a Slot is filled. The total number of points in all the Slots is totaled once 12 combinations are placed. If enough points are won, players will receive a prize.

One of the highlights of Crazy Slots is that it offers fantastic bonuses. When 9 symbols appear the player will receive 200 bonus points. The Crazy Slots logo is one of the symbols. Points are not awarded directly when three Crazy Slots symbols appear on a payline. It triggers the Crazy Slots free spins feature; points gained from it count towards the game total. The total points are multiplied by 1.5 should three of the Slots have a winning combination. The total points are multiplied by 2 if all four Slots contain a winning combination.

Each Slot has five fixed paylines they are the three horizontal and the two diagonal lines. Additional symbols showcased on the reels are a Bell, Blue 7, Red Star, Melon, Strawberry, Plum, Lemon, Orange and Cherries. For a winning combination the Bell pays 120 points and Cherries pays 20 points. To receive a payout 100 points must be accumulated first. The bet size depends on the payout. 0.02 constitutes the minimum bet and 20.00 the maximum bet. Virgin Casino states that the player return for Crazy Slots is 97%.



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