The next thing I’d like to talk about is money management. This is something you must become good at no matter what casino game you are going to play. When you play slot machines you must keep in mind that if a machine is loose and paying off you’ll know this within a couple of spins. I trust that this article will stand you in good stead since the majority of the games offered by online casinos are slots.

Slots Methodology

If a slot machine is not paying move on to the next one. Way too many players still stick with one game hoping that it will pay out soon. Before I get into the nitty-gritty, let’s start with ”Cassa’s Golden Rule” first when it comes to playing slots online.

Before you register an account with an online casino there are three things you must not forget.

1. Set a certain amount of cash aside and stick to it. Never deposit more cash than you can afford to lose.

2. Decide how long you want to gamble online. This is very important since most players still ”overstay their welcome”. In other words once they start winning they stay too long or they end up chasing losses. 

Nowadays reputable operators allow you to set your own deposit and session limits. It’s in your best interest to make sure that the operator you’re about to wager at has a responsible gambling policy in place. 

3. If you’re going to gamble at a land-based casino never bring a credit or bankcard. Rather leave it in your car or at home. If you’ve run out of money it’s time to leave the casino. If you are a disciplined player not only will this increase the entertainment value but you’ll enjoy your trips to the casino. 

If you’re gambling online and your bankroll is depleted, stop playing, go and make yourself a cup of coffee or take your dog for a walk, assuming you do have a dog. I cannot emphasize this enough, if you don’t want to be a victim of gambling you need to develop discipline. It goes without saying that discipline and patience are the virtues of a good gambler. 

Slots Bankroll Management

Right, let’s get cracking. What exactly is a bankroll? This is the amount of money you are prepared to put at risk. Sensible players normally stop playing before they run out of cash. Unfortunately players who lack discipline end up broke. It’s better to stop playing while you’re still ahead. 

So how do you properly manage your bankroll? The best way is to divide your bankroll into smaller stakes, use them to play your favourite slot machines. You must determine the right amount of money that suits your budget and your style of play. If you enjoy playing a 5 dollar machine you’ll need more money as opposed to playing a penny machine. 

My rule of thumb is that the stake should be ten times your average bet. If you plan to play at a five dollar machine where the average bet is $5 then your stake must be $50. If you’re playing at a penny machine where your average bet is $1 then your stake must be $10. 

Before you break your bankroll into individual stakes. If your normal bankroll is $200, I suggest you break it down into $20 bills. If you have a larger bankroll, break it down into $50 or $100 bills. If you’re strapped for cash rather divide it into $5 bills. Make sure that your stake will allow you to make ten bets at your average wager without a win. 


When you start to play with a stake, it does not mean that you have to wager it all on the same slots. Start off with five spins first, if you don’t get a payment, hop onto the next machine. You can play multiple slot games online with the same stake. This stake is just a convenient way to keep tabs on your bankroll. It also ensures that your bankroll does not slip away too quickly. 

Once you start winning, keep your winnings separate from your stake. Cash out your winnings at the online casino, this allows me to put my original stake back into circulation. I call this my Cashout Pocket Rule. As a player this is just a label I use not to put the money I’ve won at risk. 

Cashing out the money you’ve just won is probably the most difficult thing to do. I must admit it’s quite tempting to dip into your Cashout Pocket Rule when you’ve run out of cash. Many players told me that they were up just to play the cash they’ve won back to the casino. If you do this occasionally don’t be too hard on yourself. But, if you wager online regularly this is not a habit you want to get into. 

At the end of each session always put the cash you’ve won in the Cashout Pocket Rule. Repeat the process by laying out your bankroll and breaking it down into stakes. Keep the money you’re going to cash out segregated from the money that is remaining in your bankroll. If you can manage this, you’ll have more money in your pocket.