3 Most Popular Casino Gambling Software

Cybergambling casinos use three prominent types of software

At this stage internet casinos use three distinct types of software. Since there are players that are still not familiar with the various types, I’m going to discuss the pros and cons of each in this article.

What Are They?

  • Download Software (Client-Based)
  • Browser-Based
  • Java

1. Downloadable Casino Software

During the embryonic stage of cyber gambling, the download software was the only software platform available. Many gamblers now regard this software as cumbersome yet it’s still widely used. What exactly does ”download” mean? Before a player can play the games offered by an online casino the games must first be pre-installed onto the player’s computer. Just like Mircrosoft Word and Excel, the casino’s software is stored on the hard drive of the computer. Once the software has been installed the player can interact with the casino.

Pros Of The Download Software?

  • The speed of play is usually faster.
  • Offers superior graphics and image quality.
  • It’s more secure.
  • The software or the casino’s icon can be placed on the Desktop of the user.


  • The downloading process can be time-consuming. It can take up to a couple of minutes (maybe longer) before the software is installed.
  • Potentially players can download malware that can harm their system.
  • Each type of casino game on offer must be downloaded separately.
  • There might not be enough space on the player’s computer to accommodate the software.
  • Upgrades to the software must be downloaded constantly.

2. Browser-Based Casino Software

The downloadable program is played within an application and downloaded on to the player’s computer. Whereas browser-based programs are played within the Internet browser. As such it’s not time-consuming if compared to the client-based software. The browser-based program is divided into two popular platforms: Flash and Java.


The flash technology was only developed recently and does not require any form of downloading. Sounds and images are transmitted over the Internet from the casino’s website to the gambler’s computer screen. It’s like watching television but the only difference is that it’s a bit slower. Before the player can play the casino games via Flash, the user must download a plug-in enhancer. It enables the gambler to have access to the casino’s pre-prepared audio and full-motion video. The Plug-1 is easy to download and free of charge.

Pros Of The Flash Software

  • The player is not saddled up with any cumbersome downloads and can start playing immediately.
  • Does not take up unnecessary space on the computer’s hard drive.
  • By using plug-ins it enables the player to view full-motion videos.


  • The flash plug-in must be downloaded first.
  • The audio/speed quality depends largely on the Internet connection speed.


Just like Flash, the casino games run on the java platform and no download is needed. It was developed by Sun Microsystems. This version plays through a compatible web browser like Netscape or Internet Explorer. Unlike Flash it does not require the Plug-1. This version of the Flash software is regarded by many players as the best. As soon as they are received from the server, the sounds and images are displayed on the gambler’s computer screen.

Pros Of The Java Software

  • Faster-initial connection vs. Download-Based software.
  • The use of the browser has a greater market reach.
  • Not necessary to download the upgrades since it upgrades automatically.
  • No space is taken up on the player’s hard drive.
  • Without the use of any Plug-Ins it’s capable of viewing full-motion videos.


  • The ease of play might be sacrificed if compared to the Download-based.
  • The audio/video quality primarily depends on the speed of the Internet connection. Most operators nowadays state which software they use. Some offer players a mix of both the download and flash version. That being said, thye developers of software providers might be biased and will extol the virtues of their product.


As computer technology advances, new software platforms will see the light of day. This is why it’s important to keep an eye on the latest news and trends in the industry to stay ahead of the technological curve. Most operators today are leaning towards the ‘Instant Play’ software (Flash and Java). Just to give you an example, the NetEnt software is the most popular Flash-based platform.

Not only are the game graphics and animations superior to that of other vendors’ but it allows immediate game play. Net Entertainment focuses mainly on a quality user experience enabling its customers to play in a highly secure and transparent environment.



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