How To Write Viral Content On Google

Great tips for portal casino owners creating viral content that ranks on Google

Nothing satisfies a portal casino webmaster more than creating an article that the entire world will read. If you can accomplish this you’ll receive a truckload of shares and backlinks in return.

When people love what you’ve written they’ll stay longer, at the same token it will increase your page’s dwell time and bounce rate. Before you can get cracking you’ll need great content. Without content your site will be lost in a sea of other websites all competing for the same SERPS (Search Engine Ranking Positions) space as you.

To get your campaign on wheels there’s a few things you can do to spice things up a bit. If your article is trending and well-written it will get people talking and they’ll even leave some much needed comments. In this article I’m going to show you how to write an article that Google loves. Fasten your seat belts here we go.

”Design Intelligence Made Visible.” Don Newgren

3 Writing Myths Busted

I must be a Michael Shackleford (Aka Wizard of Odds) to craft great gambling articles?

Way to many casino webmasters envisage that they must write an article like the wizard to get their content out there. Your readers don’t really care if you make one or two mistakes as long as your content appeals to them. Normally readers just gloss over an article and don’t want to pore over a ton of material that isn’t relevant to them. This is why it’s important to get to the point relatively quickly. Now that mobile gambling is on the up this is more important than ever before. Gamblers want an easy read and fast headings that give them the answers they’re looking for.

It will take me hours to write a decent article

Yes. Some articles can take more than 5 hours to write and you still might not be finished. Many writers procrastinate a lot over how they’re going to write a 10000 word article. If you can write an article of a 1500 plus words then you’re good to go. Hopefully this will not keep you busy for more than three hours. Just keep in mind that in today’s SEO world stand-alone articles are not going to cut it any more. You must add appropriate images (three, maybe more), relevant video clips, infographics, quotes and case studies to it. Allocate a time slot and write during that time, don’t deviate from it no matter what.

Gamblers have a short attention span

The average time for a visitor to read your article normally takes 30 seconds to a minute. Most SEO’s say that readers only scan your article for a few seconds and then leave. Some webmasters even say that gamblers have the attention span to that of a goldfish. This is quite a harsh statement and could not be further from the truth. Visitors might click on your website and realize that it’s not what they were looking for an hit the back button. Luckily the majority will read your in-depth article on condition it’s engaging and interactive.

Time Management

This is the part that’s often overlooked. Instead of seeing it as a job writing should be more of a hobby. If you love what you’re doing it will come naturally, believe me. Before you start crafting an article allocate some time for SEO and content. Make this time slot three hours and pin it down on your sticky notes. Take a break after an hour, make yourself a cup of tea or have something to eat. If you stick to your plan, you’ll be surpised how much work you’ll get done in a week.

Nailing The Article

Once you have a practical outline for your article keep the following in mind:


Write a brief introduction telling your readers what the article will cover. You can use your meta description by fleshing it out a bit. Keep your introduction short and sweet. Insert the keywords you’re targeting which shows extra relevance to Google. Once you’ve completed the introduction, create sub-headings for each section you want to discuss.

Your article will be easier to read if you split it into lots of easy-to-read sub-headings

By doing this you’re allowing your readers to scan the sections they want to read more. It also helps with your SEO efforts because you can include the keyword phrases in these sub-headings. Keep your sentences short and to the point. As far as possible avoid long winding passages that will bore your visitors.

To spark some extra curiosity add a personal experience or two

Elements such as top tips, common pitfalls can make your article very useful and shareable. By the time you’ve finished writing your article it must be a 1500 plus words. Just remember that people don’t share the status quo-they share content that is written by an authority on a specific topic.

Basic Grammar

When I read an article that’s riddled with errors it annoys me to no end especially if the grammar is bad. To give you an example: ”Casino Fantasia are a great customer support team.” Instead it should read: Casino Fantasia’s customer support team is great. Also, confusing basic grammar rules such as ”their”, ”they’re” and ”there” will send your visitors scuttling for cover faster than a lead anvil can plummet in a pool.

Boost Your Article With Useful Snippets

Like any webmaster you want your article to hit the top spot in the Google serps. The only way you’re going to accomplish this is spicing it up with ”super useful elements”. Basically they are extra sections you can add to your articles to make them ten times better and ten times more likely to be shared. It’s best to place them at the end of your article so that they don’t interfere with the content matter itself.

Top Tips

Outline your most pertinent tips. These tips are not your average tips of advice but your finest and most useful. The idea behind this piece of advice is to get your readers to talk about them and to share them online.


Once you written your masterpiece highlight the most important bits in bullet points. About five vullet points would suffice. If you’ve written an article on ”How To Choose A Deposit Bonus” jot down the most important bits.


Little golden nuggets from industry leaders can go a long way. No matter what the topic is you’ve covered there are always some quotes you can use. If you’re not sure how to find quotes, key in ”quotes on [your niche]” in the google search bar.

Infographic Summary

You can condense your entire article into bullet points by presenting it to your audience as a ”mini infographic” (minfographic). By adding social buttons to it people will be more inclined to share it.

Case Studies

To ignite some inspiration, you can present real-life examples of people who followed the advice you’ve given them. Although case studies are primarily geared towards business and technology blogs they also work relatively well in the online gambling niche. If you’re not in contact with your readers you won’t be able to write a proper case study.

Warnings or Common Pitfalls

By outlining common mistakes internet gamblers normally make can be a lifesaver. It helps establish trust between you and the player. The idea here is to be sincere and not to rattle of a bunch of nonsensical dribble. You must be able to back what you’re saying with a valid example. How do you this? Let’s assume Jim accepted the sign up bonus at XYZ Casino and complained about its ludicrous terms at When crafting a review on this casino you can mention the negative aspect of the bonus with a link pointing to the site.

Create A Click-Worthy Call To Action (CTA)

At the end of your article you need to turn your readers into players. You can encourage them to join your email list or to download an ebook you’ve written that covers the ins-and-outs of gambling online. The aim of the CTA is to encourage players to sign up at the casino you’re promoting and to boost social shares. At the end of the day it’s all about visitor involvement and retention.


A website’s content is the key to building readers and attracting more customers. Encourage your readers to share the articles you’ve written on social media and to post comments. Make your content between 1500 to 2500 words, make it engaging, descriptive and very useful. As an affiliate it’s important that you utilize the tools that’s available to you. Establishing one’s voice and image might seem daunting on paper. In a very competitive market place one must exercise logic, demonstrable fortitude and above all an incomparable passion to be part of the iGaming’s own unique narrative.



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