Playtech’s Jackpot Pool Tips $3 Million

Playtech Software Review
Playtech Software Review

Any gaming software provider’s jackpot pool comprises the sum total of all casino games’ progressive jackpots offered. If a player plays a progressive jackpot he/she is only playing for the jackpot of that specific game or group of games. Hitherto many operators tend to brag about the value of their jackpot pool. Playtech increased its jackpot pool significantly, some of the games offered will be tipping the $3 million mark.

In this pool no single jackpots are offered. Marvel branded slot games offer the largest jackpots and Ultimate Power is the biggest of its tiered jackpots, its current jackpot value stands at $693,527. Marvel Movies super hero internet slots, such as Blade and Iron Man feature on this progressive jackpot network. It also has four distinct levels. Ultimate Power, the highest jackpot is not won that frequently. Only two players managed to hit Playtech’s Marvel Slots Ultimate Power jackpot since it has been launched. $843,403 is the average hit. Players at all Playtech internet casinos anticipate that some lucky player will hit this jackpot soon.

In the Playtech pool of jackpots Gold Rally is the next biggest jackpot offered. It currently stands at $661,369 and $2 million is the highest amount it reached the last three years. One lucky player won the Gold Rally jackpot of $1.6 million two months ago. We advise players to wait until this slot game tips the $1 million before playing it. Beach Life is another golden oldie, its current jackpot value stands at $146,849; at times it can offer a whopping jackpot of well over $2 million.

The two Jackpot Darts progressive games are two additional contributors to Playtech’s jackpot pool. Jackpot Darts $3 has a jackpot value of $312,062 and Jackpot Darts $2 has a jackpot value of $204,090. These Arcade Games present players with fixed odds for a variety of dart bets. The progressive jackpot is won in both games the moment a player hits the bull’s eye whilst betting on all three darts. The fixed payout of 20 times the bet and 2,000 times accrue to the player’s account should one or two of the darts hit the bull’s eye. These payouts comprise the jackpot amounts and decreases marginally; so far none of the Jackpot Dart games’ jackpots have been hit.

Queen of the Pyramids is a 9 payline video internet slots, it has a fixed coin size of 25c and the last slot game in Playtech’s jackpot pool-$166,382 is its current jackpot total. Queen of the Pyramids is won twice every week and the average jackpot won on it is $73,473. Playtech offers players up to 40 progressive jackpot casino games.



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