Simon Cowell Plans TV Roulette Game Show

Simon Cowell Roulette game show
Simon Cowell with Ant and Dec

Simon Cowell, better known as stern Idols judge has decided to enter the world of internet casinos and he plans to go big.

Based on a news paper column British entertainment entrepreneur Simon Cowell has decided to start his own UK roulette game show. A live audience consisting of 17000 would compete for a grand jackpot prize of one million GBP by just spinning a roulette wheel.

Former Idols hosting duo Ant and Dec would be the presenters of the game show. Cowell said that the game show would be televised on ITV1 in the first week of September 2011.

An unknown celebrity recently stated that this would arguably be one of the biggest game shows ever to be hosted on British television.

“Cowell has been mulling around with this idea for some time now and only recently his project came to fruition, all is set now and the show is good to go. The amount of contestants that are going to participate in Cowell’s roulette game show has blown his mind. He said,” to be honest I’m elated that the show where contestants would spin a roulette wheel is so popular already”.

“Red and Black is a brand new concept in the United Kingdom, hopefully it would find a huge following. We anticipate it’s going to be colossal, rowdy and very costly, it has all the ingredients a successful game show should have. On the flip side of the coin it is a risk not only for the patrons participating, but for Simon Cowell and ITV as well. Cowell and his partners are positive that the show will be a big hit,” the source concluded by, adding: “The specifics are still being ironed out in terms of how participants would be elected for the arena section, but it would entail some mode of competition.”



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