Atlantic City Patrons Hemmed In By Snow

Atlantic City’s predicament started when it persuaded customers to stay on after the weekend. The dilemma started since many customers were stuck inside the casino since Monday.

The coastal town has been hit by a severe snow storm on Sunday, compelling authorities to impose a travelling ban. As a result this has left many patrons stuck in their hotels. The majority stated that it was all part of their trip. Ray Slabin, a local from Dumont, Bergen County, who walked with his spouse, Abbie, on the vacant, snow-covered Boardwalk on a cold and frosty Monday morning. “One could not have been trapped in a better place than Atlantic City; we enjoyed the picturesque views, swimming at the heated indoor pool at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort.

“The weather is not going to dampen our spirits,” said Cindy Auger, who visited from Barnegat Township with her daughter and already spend large amounts of cash playing slots since Monday at the Resorts Casino Hotel. We’ve decided to head back on Monday irrespective of the bad weather conditions and brave the icy roads back to Ocean County. Why? “We’ve enjoyed ourselves immensely and spend most of our cash gambling,” she said.

The roads to and from Atlantic City could still be travelled upon during the course of the weekend; however, it has deteriorated on Monday and not conducive to driving at all. Visitors were trapped on Route 30 as a result of the poor weather conditions. Winds speeds reached up to over 80 miles per hour causing copious amount of snow in and around the streets, drivers had to manoeuvre through snow clouds, which looked more like a scene from one of Stephen King’s horror movies.

However, others weren’t too happy to have been stuck in Atlantic City. Perry McNeil and a friend knew they were in for a tough time when the weather worsened; they decided to travel to Atlantic City from Greensboro, N.C. over the Christmas period.

“It’s very unpleasant outside and one can’t really enjoy the beautiful scenery, if the weather carries on like this we might even be stuck here for weeks” said McNeil who carried a case of Ginger Ale and a cases of water to his hotel room at the Atlantic City Hilton Casino Resort.



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