Best Internet Slots Machines 2010

The majority of the new games that were released in 2010 were slots machines. More than a 100 slots have gone live at various online casinos this year. 2010’s Hour glass is running out fast, let’s reflect and name the top five slot games for this year.

The War of the Worlds

Kicking-off at number 5 is “The War of the Worlds” WagerWorks is responsible for the game’s software and design. It’s based on the musical adaptation by Jeff Wayne of H.G. Wells’ famed work of fiction. This slot game has been a favourite with players because the game’s graphics are excellent in tandem with a great audio sound. WagerWorks also presents a full optional version and a condensed version for Internet connections that are not fast. The theme of the slot game as outlined by H.G. Wells’ novel is an alien invasion from Mars and its animations are showcased in spectacular fashion on the reels. One of the distinguishing features of this new slot game is its 100-paylines and its five rows of symbols across the reels. In the “Fighting Machines Bonus” section players make use of high-powered cannons to shoot down the Martian machines and in doing so stand a chance of scoring bonus points.

Thunderstruck II

“Thunderstruck II”, also a new slot game stands at number 4 and Microgaming is the software developer for this slot machine. Basically it’s an upgrade of a former well-liked slot game and it features four gods from Norse mythology such as the likes of Thor, who is the god of thunder. Thunderstruck II’s bonus game features are rich and innovative. Every god has a separate Hall and the bonus game needs to be activated five times by the player to clear one Hall. Every Hall is cleared in turn after the bonus game has been activated 20 times and only then will the player accomplish a unique gold status.

Return of Rudolph

Number 3 position is held by the “Return of the Rudolph” and RealTime Gaming is the software developer for this slot game and it comprises of three series. This slot game’s central theme depicts an altercation between Rudolph and Santa. Every slot game was released just before the Festive Season. Rudolph was the aggressor in the first slot game, Santa took revenge in the second and in the third series Rudolf reigns supreme. The symbols emerge more battle scarred this year than its predecessors. A stand out feature of this slot game is the three exhilarating free spin bonus rounds.

Pink Panther

Number 2 position is “Pink Panther”, the software provider is Playtech. The lively Pink Panther is a peculiar character, his unique eccentricities are well thought-out and presented on the reels. Basically he’s all over the place, in and outside the reels, grinning from ear to ear. To cap it all he also appears in many bonus games. Dynamite, bombs and paint feature in these games and a progressive jackpot too.

The Lord of the Rings

“The Lord of the Rings” stands at number 1: “The Fellowship of the Ring”. This new slot game encapsulates the first of the trilogy and it also accentuates the uniqueness of its brand value. It deserves to be 2010’s most played and popular slot game; the hype that followed this slot game was also unparalleled. Promotions launched, entailed sending winners to New Zealand where the film was made considered to be one of its many highlights.

Players who liked the movie will be enthralled by The Lord of the Rings slots. It showcases the characters on the reels and movie clips from the movie is played after every spin. There are a couple of areas the producers could have improved upon. Overall it’s a great game played by thousands of players.



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