B2B Partner Purchases Betssons Turkish Database

Having recently announced a new software creation development corporation in India, Betsson exited one of its current markets by selling off its Turkish database.

Real Entertainment based in Malta stated that it would purchase Betsson’s Turkish database for €1.9m (£1.6m) and simultaneously signing a five-year B2B deal with this Swedish internet casino’s Business Solutions, to provide a comprehensive gaming portal once Realm has secured its internet gaming license on the island.

In spite of leaving the Turkish market, the gaming portal set up by Betsson’s conformity with Realm will be translated into Turkish, English, Dutch, German, Spanish and Greek, poker would be included too, casino and sportsbook services. Under the terms of the agreement Realm will be the first internet casino to go live on Betsson’s new gaming platform and it also introduced its B2B arm in February.

Betsson’s CEO Pontus Lindwall, mentioned that they would spend more time on the technical aspects of their new business venture and that the deal is set to be the launch pad for future business deals. “This new business venture will enable us to deliver a total gaming portal which will include a sportsbook able to contend with the best in its respective market and hopefully land us many players in the same process.” He also said that their venture with Real will create a platform which will enhance their competitiveness in other markets.”It has been a strategic move by Betsson as part of its B2B strategy to exit the Turkish market and to concentrate more on the Indian market which holds untapped potential.

Bestsson has engaged itself in the Swedish market once again within a period of two years; the name of its Swedish site is Shoppsen. Lindwall described it as “the ability to move freely within the EU market.”

Based on its 2008 term injunction from the Swedish Gaming Board, none of Betsson’s logos can be showcased in the shop, but that did not stop players returning to the retail outlet and supporting it.

Lindwall stated: “People appreciate the effort we have put into the Swedish market and it is a good portend for our company.

“It stands to reason that the gaming platform we offer from Malta is legal and any Swedish player may participate, however the courts stipulates that it’s against the law for us to inform them about this,” he said.

“Presently it is legal to offer gaming services to Betsson’s players, we will carry on fighting for the Swedish player’s right and choice of casino games offered.”



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